St. Edward School Happenings

Mrs. Lois Spanton

Music: Grades 6-7-8 are becoming quite proficient with several chords and a little bit of melody picking. The Eighth graders enjoy chording, while Grace and the Seventh graders claim picking one note at a time is best. Grades four and five are still working on recorders. They did a nice job of sight reading notes and rhythms using GABCD this week. The Second and Third graders created awesome eight-beat rhythm patterns last week while the Kindergarten and first graders are learning about tas, ti-tis, and quarter rests. Many students enjoyed singing some Valentine songs and practicing hymns for Ash Wednesday as well.

Art: We finished our clay “sculptures” a couple of weeks ago. They are on display in the trophy case across from Mrs. Horner’s classroom. They students did a great job! We have also finished some Starburst Hearts and Lenten crosses.

Mrs. Emily Hennen

Students in Kindergarten have been learning about the Winter Olympics and the events involved in the Winter Olympics. They used scooters to practice the Luge and Skeleton events. Students in K-7 watched a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Winter Olympics as well as the current Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Recently, K-8 students learned the Israeli dodgeball game called GaGa Ball. “Ga” stands for “hit” in Israeli.

Students play GaGa ball in an octagon-shaped pit. Students then slap the ball with their hands and try to hit someone below the knees to knock them out of the game. Once hit, students must leave the pit. The last student remaining in the pit is the winner and a new game begins.

UPCOMING EVENTS Feb. 22 - Guardian Angel lunch; Feb. 23 - Science Fair; Feb. 25 - Confirmation; Feb. 26 - Schoenstatt Girls group; Feb. 27 - All Catholic United Financial tickets are due; Library; Birthday lunch; Feb. 28 - School Mass Gr K-1; March 1 - Manor visit grade 1-2; March 2 - Guardian Angel lunch.

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