They are: (left to right) Sydney Hennen, Debbie Beisler, Bryce Gorecki, Elise Hennen, Audyn Traen, Addyson Pohlen, Brisbyn Traen, Reed Sorensen and Simon Grunes.

St. Edward School Happenings

Physical Education – Mrs. Emily Hennen

Students in grades 2nd - 8th played a game called “Castleball” this week. Students had to construct “castles” using 6 hula hoops. It took some teamwork and patience but the students were successful.

Students were then divided into two teams and had to try to be the first to knock over all the other team’s castles.

St. Edward School Kindergarten and First Graders got to enjoy the “castles” by turning them into forts.

They are: (left to right) Sydney Hennen, Debbie Beisler, Bryce Gorecki, Elise Hennen, Audyn Traen, Addyson Pohlen, Brisbyn Traen, Reed Sorensen and Simon Grunes.

Library - Mrs. Jan Bot

The library is busy with students getting books for enjoyment as well as obtaining their required AR points as we near the end of the second quarter. It’s rewarding to hear students who share how much they enjoyed a book from the library! In story time we have begun to read some Christmas books.

This week we read a book about Saint Nicholas and how several of the Christmas traditions we do are related to Saint Nicholas. The K-3 students enjoyed a gold wrapped chocolate coin after hearing about how Saint Nicholas secretly gave gold coins to a poor family so the daughters could have dowry money.

Many Christmas books are being checked out. Give books as presents, they are quiet, easy to wrap, don’t need batteries, come in many varieties, are great for ALL ages and can last a lifetime!

May you be filled with Christ’s love and wrapped in his peace as we celebrate the miracle of His birth.

Art/Music:-Mrs. Lois Spanton

Music: We have been working really hard preparing for our Christmas program. We hope you enjoy our Christmas music as well as this year’s version of the Nativity Play. I have enjoyed helping the kids prepare for the program and hope it all goes well.

Art: We only have Art on Wednesdays & Fridays, so we have been scrambling to finish up lots of great Christmas projects to hang in the gym and hallways for this Advent season and our upcoming program!

Spanish - Mrs. Margrit Rabaey

In Kindergarten and First grade we are learning some animal names and songs to go with them. We are also trying to learn some Spanish Christmas songs with all the students of St. Eds. In Second and Third grade, we are learning about colors and some commands with different activities. In Fourth and Fifth, we sent some time reading a story and acting out the story. Now we have started a unit on food vocabulary. With the eighth grade we finished a unit on classroom objects and now will look at verbs and how to conjugate them in Spanish. We will also learn about Christmas words and customs with all the St. Ed’s students.


  • Dec. 6-20 - Book Fair open!
  • Dec. 13 - Evening Christmas Concert 7 p.m.
  • Dec. 14 - Manor Visit grade 3 & 4 Special Friends visits AR prizes
  • Dec. 15 - Special Friends visits
  • Dec. 19 - Birthday lunch
  • Dec. 20 - School Mass Grades 6,7,8 Student confessions
  • Dec. 21 - Adoration Dress Up Day - “Christmas Morning” End of the 2nd quarter/1st Semester

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