St. Edward School Happenings

Library-Mrs. Jan Bot

The new books, “The Babysitters Club” graphic novels have been a HUGE hit! Some students are even asking for the “old” chapter books of that series from years ago! Interesting how those were discarded because of lack of use and now they’re being sought out.

K-2 are already excited about our participation in “Star of the North Picture Book Award” again this school year. The poster causes the excitement and some students “can’t wait to see and hear” certain books.

This is an award voted on ONLY by children! Mrs. Bot surprised students with her early celebration of Halloween in the library. She dressed as the pink crayon in the book, “The Day the Crayons Quit” and we made origami crayons instead of doing a story.

They did a great job following the directions and getting their crayons made. Hopefully, there are more made at home now that they know how to do them. Students were also given a candy and bookmark treat.

Books aren’t just made of words...they’re also filled with places to visit and people to meet!

Music/Art-Mrs. Lois Spanton

Music: We have all been working on preparing music for All Saint’s Day, as well as enjoying singing some songs about Fall and Halloween. We are also just beginning to work on music for the Christmas program. Oh my, how time does fly…

Art: We have all finished a Zentangle Initial project. The students did a nice job of following directions with these projects. We’ve also been working on a Crazy Cat Mural project that is on display by Mrs. Horner’s room!

Phy Ed-Mrs. Emiy Hennen

Students have been working on completing our Fitness testing in PE. This past week students participated in the pull-up test, push-up test, Sit-n-Reach flexibility test and trunk lift test. Students were VERY disappointed that they weren’t able to complete the mile run test due to the uncooperative weather last week. Students were excited to see that the roller skates have arrived.

This week, we will play our annual Ghostbusters game in honor of Halloween and begin our roller skating unit.


Oct. 31-Trunk or Treat, Saints Day contest, Library, Roller Skating in PE

Nov. 1-All Saints Day Mass – Gr 2


Nov. 6-Fieldtrip “Cat in the Hat” K-4 Roller skating begins in PE

Nov. 7-Operation Christmas Child boxes due, Library

Nov. 8- School Mass – Gr K & 1

Nov. 9-Guardian Angel lunch

Nov. 10-Dress Up Day – “Career”

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