High School Valor students are: (front row, left to right)  Tate Walerius, McKenzie Monnet and Kody Moorse. Back: Michael Pitzel, Tyler Myhre and Austin Vierstrate.

September High School Viking Valor

Junior/Senior High

Michael Pitzel is a respectful, hard-working, and positive person. Regardless of the task at hand, Michael puts forth his best efforts while also helping others. Michael arrives early to class and always with a smile. When it comes to work, he goes above and beyond and continually strives to do his best. He is highly organized and works diligently during class. Most importantly, one cannot help but notice his positive attitude and kind ways. Michael definitely promotes positive values each and every day.

Austin Vierstrate works very hard in class and always asks questions when he isn’t sure about a part of the assignment. He wants to do well on each assignment. Also, he is willing to help out another student or any teacher. When he helps, he always does the work he can.

McKenzie Monnet is great at helping out her peers. When a student is confused or has been absent, McKenzie is quick to jump in and help. She will briefly tutor the student to get them caught up and give them an example of what is expected. Additionally, McKenzie is very friendly and is a positive force in the classroom. She always has a smile on her face and is excited about learning!

Tate Walerius is very outgoing and willing to help anyone in need. He also willing participates in every aspect of class which encourages those around him to want to participate as well.

Kody Moorse is a very hard worker in the classroom and is always positive. He brings out the best in everyone by treating everyone with kindness and radiating joy. Kody has taken it upon himself to welcome new students and make sure everyone has a friend here in Minneota. He always has a kind word to share and shows genuine concern for those around him.

Tyler Myhre did a fantastic job working with the young students during Homecoming week. He took on Friday’s pep fest activity and made sure the younger students who were participating knew the rules for the activity and were involved. When students had questions throughout the activity, Tyler was more than willing to help them out. He was a great leader.

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