Science & nature conference to be held at SMSU

Mike Billington from the University of Minnesota Raptor Center will present “Explore the World of Raptors”, at the SWWC Service Cooperative’s 24th Annual Science & Nature Conference on May 9, 2018 at SMSU in Marshall.

Billington is a professional animal trainer and educator. He has trained nearly 50 eagles, hawks, falcons and owls during his time with the Raptor Center.

Come see what the excitement is all about, so kids can explore their curiosity and venture into the science world!

Register your students, in grades K-8, for hands-on science related topics such as: engineering, chemistry, medical, robots, GPS, raptors, mineral, bugs, gardening, star, and much more!

Go to the brochure on the website to find all the session topics and register online.

If you have any questions contact Andrea Anderson at 507-537-2257 or Laurie Fales at; 507-537-2270.

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