Cole Sanow heled with a tackle as a teammate held on.Minneota's defense made the stop.

Viking footballers defeat MACCRAY, 36-8

Minneota's homecoming football game against MACCRAY was a sloppy mess, and then the rain came.
Minneota would go on to defeat the Wolverines 36-8 to cap off a festive homecoming week, but not before giving the home fans some cause for concern. 
A scoreless first quarter was marred by penalties and turnovers.  A goal line stand by Minneota was the lone bright spot for the Vikings as they ended the first quarter locked in a 0-0 tie.
The second quarter saw the Vikings start to light up the scoreboard.  Alex Saltzer got things rolling for the Vikings when he took a Wolverine punt 94 yards for a touchdown.  Saltzer's sprint down the sideline energized the homecoming crowd, and a Peyton Gillund extra point gave the Vikings a 7-0 lead.
MACCRAY would answer with some points of their own, hitting pay dirt with a 34 yard touchdown pass from Rhys Schwitters to Payton Kleinhuizen.  A two- point conversion gave the Wolverines an 8-7 lead.
 The lead was short lived, and these would be the last points put up by MACCRAY. 
Minneota, it turns out, was just getting started. 
 Blake Reiss would soon find the end zone on a 13-yard touchdown run.  A Gillund extra point advanced the score to 14-8.  Some late half rain dampened the field and the halftime festivities as the Homecoming Court was introduced to cold, wet crowd. 
The second half brought more of the same, and the teams dodged rain drops and traded turnovers as the third quarter ended, with the Vikings holding on to that 14-8 lead. 
"Defensively, MACCRAY did some nice things against us to take away some of the things we wanted to do," said Assistant Coach Matt Myrvik. 
"Their front three really did a good job of using their hands and getting off our initial blocks."
“We just missed hitting on some big plays offensively. Weather may have played a part in our offensive productivity, but we need to do a better job of adapting to what the defense gives us. 
“We will continue to work hard to fix certain things and continue to grow as a team as the season winds down."
The fourth quarter saw the Vikings begin to pull away.  First, Cole Sanow broke free for a 32 yard touchdown run. Gillund's extra point put the Vikings up 21-8. 
A short time later Alex Saltzer stepped in front of a Wolverine receiver and brought the interception into the endzone to put the Vikings up 28-8.  AJ Josephson would add an 8 yard touchdown run a few minutes later.  A Saltzer 2 point conversion closed out the scoring, and gave the Vikings a 36-8 victory.
Cole Sanow led the way offensively for the Vikings, carrying the ball 22 times for 141 yards and a touchdown.
Reiss continued his strong running with eight carries for 88 yards. 
As a team, Minneota out-rushed MACCRAY 267 yards to 64.  The Vikings have a quick turnaround as they host Canby on Thursday night for parents night.

MACCRAY        0    8    0    0    —    8
Minneota        0    14  0    22  —    22
First Quarter:
Second Quarter
M-Alex Saltzer 94 punt return. PAT-Peyton Gillund kick.
MACCRAY-Payton Kleinhuizen 34 pass from Rhys Schwitters. PAT-Run.
Third Quarter:
Fourth Quarter
M-Blake Reiss 13 run. PAT-Gillund kick.
M-Cole Sanow 32 run. PAT-Gillund kick.
M-Saltzer 45 interception. PAT-Gillund kick.
M-AJ Josephson 8 run. PAT-Saltzer kick. PAT-Run.
Team Statistics
Minn            MACCRAY
13        First Downs    11
3-15         Penalties/Yards    7-90
2        Fumbles/Lost    2
40-267        Rushes/Yards    29-64
12        Passing Yards    163
279         Total Yards           227
Individual Stats:
RUSHING: (No., yds.) Minneota-Cole Sanow 22-141; Blake Reiss 8-88; AJ Josephson 2-19; Conner Sik 2-11; Alex Saltzer 1-8; Joseph Rybinski 1-8; Kade Lozinski 4-minus 8. MACCRAY- Rhys Schwitters 10-45; Ole Sandry 15-30; Other 4-minus 11.
PASSING; (No., Comp., int., yds). Minneota-Lozinski 7-2-2-12; MACCRAY: Isaac Strommer 20-9-2-163; Schwitters 1-0-0-0.
RECEIVING: (No., yds.) Minneota Saltzer 1-8; A. Myhre 1-4; MACCRAY Peyton Kleinhuizen 8-83; Rhys Schwitters 3-60; Will Asche 2-16; Tommy Hoekstra 1-4.
KICKOFFS: (No., yds., avg.) Minneota-Peyton Gillund 6-254-42.3; MACCRAY B. Asch 2-54-27.0.
KICKOFF RETURNS: (No., yds.) Minneota-Saltzer 1-19; Beau Banish 1-0; MACCRAY-Schwitters 1-011; Asche 2-6; Thomas Kirking 1-0; others 2-0.
PUNTING: (No., yds., avg.) Minneota-Saltzer 3-114-38.0; MACCRAY: Asche 3-156-39.0.
PUNT RETURNS: (No., yds.) Minneota-Saltzer 2-47. MACCRAY: Team 3-0.
TACKLES (Solo-Assists) Sanow 2-6; Reiss 2-1; Saltzer 2-1; A. Myhre 2-2; T. Thooft 2-8; Jayden Gamrak 2-3; AJ Josephson 1-2; Sik 1-2; Rybinski 1-3; Cooper VanOverbeke1-6; Logan Sussner 1-2; Josh Citterman 1-1; Tate Walerius 1-0; Banish 0-2; Jackson Esping 0-1; Cade Sorenson 0-1; Grady Moorse 0-1. MACCRAY: Sandry 5-09; Jacob Zuidema 4-4; Schwitters 3-3; D. Homan 3-1; W. Asche 2-4; E. DuHoux 2-3; Parker Ruiter 2-0; B. Asche 1-1; Gabe Henker 2-0.
TACKLES FOR LOSS: Minneota: Gamrack; MACCRAY: 1.
SACKS: Minneota: Sik, Sussner. MACCRAY: 1.
INTERCEPTIONS: Minneota: Reiss, Saltzer; MACCRAY: Sandry, Helmuth.
FUMBLE RECOVERIES: Minneota: Sussner 2; MACCRAY: Schwitters, Helmuth.

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