12-year-old winner Grace Hennen.Ten year-old Leah Coequyt and Nine-year-old  Jaylyn Coequyt winners.

Free throw contest

The St. Edward’s Knights of Columbus held the local free throw shooting contest last weekend.

Everyone was invited to participate.

  Here’s a list of the winners going on to regional competition Sunday, Feb. 3 at St. Edwards. Girls: Nine-year-old Jaylyn Coequyt; 10 -year-old Leah Coequyt; 12-year-old Grace Hennen and 14-year-old Ireland Stassen.\

Boys: Nine-year-old Ian Myhre; 10-year-old Sam Myhre; 11-year-old Leo Hennen; 12-year-old Brody Larson; 13-year-old Ryan Dalager and 14-year-old Isaac Pohlen.

Brody Larson.

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