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Summer recreation director splits duties

Minneota Summer Recreation Director Tyson Sonnenburg Monday submitted to the city council a plan that would divide his duties, in light of a new job and inability to manage the program full time.

The city council accepted the proposal. Sonnenburg’s current job takes him out of town several times during the summer, “And that makes it tough for me to manage the summer recreation position.”

Because summer is quickly approaching, Sonnenburg suggested, “I do still want to be involved, but will not be as involved as I was in the past.”

He wrote the council, “I would like to hand the softball side of things to Heidi Boerboom and she has agreed,” Sonnenburg wrote.

“She will do the hiring of coaches, umpires and could steer the program in the direction that she would like. I believe this will be very beneficial,” said Sonnenburg.

He added, “I will over see baseball,” and we will hire a grounds keeper for baseball and softball. That person will be in charge of getting the fields ready before games. Sonnenburg and Boerboom will work on the schedules for baseball and softball.

Summer rec uses the two softball fields near the public school. Sonnenburg suggested using the same rec directors salary to split into three positions.

“This would be a trial run for the summer to see if it can work,” he said, concluding, “It can help by the program by having someone who can focus directly on softball and another directly with baseball.”

Winter sports awards

The Minneota boys and girls basketball programs held their awards night on Monday night at the Minneota school.

Here are the individual girls’ basketball team awards that were announced as voted on by the players:

Most Improved: Lizzy Gillingham

Hardest Worker: Abby Hennen

Most Valuable Defensive Player: Morgan Kockelman

Most Valuable Offensive Player: Lydia Sussner

Most Valuable Teammate: Abby Hennen.

“I want to recognize Laura Knutson for being recognized for Academic All-State and Lydia Sussner as All-State,” said Coach Chad Johnston.

Boys’ basketball

Coach Dave Busselman gave three Awards.

They were:

Most Valuable Player: Thomas Hennen.

Most Valuable Teammate: Isaac Hennen.

Best free throw percentage: Jacob Hennen at 79.5 percent.

Next year’s captains: Thomas Hennen and Jared Josephson.


•Minneota Activities Director Matt Myrvik says a special state-wide meeting is being called for all AD’s to talk about what is quickly becoming a Spring Sports Crisis. The bad weather will likely cause the high school league to re-think it’s current policies and maybe even make a few changes.

Myrvik doesn’t know what will happen because many games have been lost already. “One thing I know, we’re all in the same boat,” he said.

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