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Thoughts from the Hall of Fame

Minneota High School’s second induction of 10 Hall of Famers was a lot of fun.

Many things were said and thoughts were presented.

Here are some I enjoyed:

Dick Culshaw

Inductee Dick Culshaw talked about Hall of Fame Principal Gerald Olson. “Gerald Olson was a special person in my life — the way he carried himself. He was one of my heroes.”

Ron Davidson

Introducing Inductee Ron Davidson was Steve Kjorness. “Ron was our leader. When he spoke, we listened. A tough guy, he worked very, very hard.” Kjorness also quoted Hall of Fame Coach Don Judd as saying, “You can always count on Ron Davidson to have a good game.”

Kris Fier

Introducing Minneota’s first state wrestling champion Kris Fier was Coach Joel Skillings. He said, “He was the program’s first state champ. He became a big part of Minneota wrestling. Kris Fier will forever be our first one.” Later, I was shown the back of jackets made for the Fier children Titan, Talia and Cael. They read: “My Dad ... My Idol ... Hall of Fame 2017!”

Jami (Rolbiecki) Bossuyt

Jami (Rolbiecki) Bossuyt’s introduction by Heidi Boerboom included, “You didn’t just participate in sports. You exceeded in sports.”

Bossuyt said, “This wasn’t about the game. It was about life. It taught me more about life and life’s lessons.” She added, “It was not just about games, but about being a better person.” And about her parents she said, “My mom was my favorite fan. My parents taught me to give my very best effort.”

Chris Meidt

In his introduction, Brett VanVooren said he was the team’s center and inductee quarterback Chris Meidt took 2,610 snaps from him. Now, 30 years later, they did it one more time in front of the crowd for 2,611.

He said of Meidt, “Chris was active in everything the school had to offer.” Meidt, who said he was, “All in — in whatever I do. Minneota is a place where you can be all in. Put your hope in the Lord and you won’t have to worry about what’s next,” he said.

Joe Anderson

“Dad would light up a room,” said Greg Anderson about his inductee dad Joe Anderson.

Jim Rolbiecki

John Rolbiecki introduced his father Jim and said his dad always said, “No matter how good you are, you can always be better.”

“I remember Coach Dale Yost told me as a young teacher when I asked why Yost did this (coaching and teaching). ‘It’s for the kids,’ Yost said. That always stuck with me through the years,” said Jim Rolbiecki.

Rolbiecki called former inductee Gerhard Meidt, “A man dear to my heart,” after they coached together for years. And he said, “It was entertaining and it was fun.”

SPORTS NOTE: BOLD, a potential No. 1 pick in Section 3A is now 4-0 on the year. They have beaten Paynesville 51-8; Osakis 39-14; Sauk Centre 40-7 and Minnewaska Area 23-7. They teams remaining on their schedule are: Benson 0-4; Montevideo 0-4; Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 3-1 and Morris Area-CA.

Later, I was shown the back of jackets made for the Fier children Titan, Talia and Cael. They read: “My Dad ... My Idol ... Hall of Fame 2017!” (See photo above)

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