Swedzinski gains post on energy, climate committee

State Rep. Chris Swedzinski (R-Ghent), has accepted an appointment to serve as the Republican lead on the House’s Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division.

His appointment begins January 8 when the 2019 legislative session begins in St. Paul.

Swedzinski, entering his fifth term in office, has served a pair of two-year terms on the state’s Legislative Energy Commission, which evaluates the energy policies of the state, assessing the impact on the future of the environment and the economy.

“Energy issues have long been of interest to me, especially in terms of how policies and goals impact farmers and life in general for those of us in Greater Minnesota,” Swedzinski said.

“I look forward to serving in this leadership role, where I will be able to advocate for decisions to make energy accessible and affordable for all Minnesotans.”

He added, “As a farmer and lifelong resident of Greater Minnesota, I take these issues very seriously and am grateful for this opportunity to make a difference and work to see the people of District 16A have a voice at the table.”

The full committee roster is in the process of being finalized for the upcoming session.

Rep. Chris Swedzinski

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