Commissioner Gary Crowley listened intently as Allen Schmitz of the MnDOT spoke to the board about a new bridge in the county.

State steps in to create new county bridge

Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation Charles Zelle has stepped into Lyon County’s ditch program in an effort to make minor alterations or changes in County Ditch 13 Branch 6. The ditch is located near Florence in Shelburne Township and Rock Lake Township along Trunk Highway 91.

A public hearing was held to hear public comment on the changes. Zelle’s paperwork indicated Highway 91 is directly affected by this ditch.

“It is advantageous and desirable in the construction of Highway 91, that minor alterations be made in that portion of County Ditch 13, Branch 6,” said Zelle.

“MnDOT is proposing the change of a bridge,” said Allen Schmitz of MnDOT. Changes include replacing one existing span bridge. It will be 14-feet by eight-foot with reinforced concrete box culvert. Commissioner Charlie Sanow questioned if the culvert will have an affect in drainage.

He questioned if the road would be safe once the project was complete. Schmitz indicated it would be safe. There was no public comment on the changes proposed by the MnDOT.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved a request by Renville County to provide Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) services. Renville County is currently in the Kandiyohi County regional HHW program. The Redwood Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority has requested to join the Lyon County Regional HHW program.

•Approved final payments for construction projects that have been completed. They included: —Final payments for a box culvert projects in Rock Lake, Grandview and Lynd. R&G Construction of Marshall did the projects. Each project was approved individually by the county board. —Final payment for bituminous paving on County Road 10 between Minneota and Highway 59. The work was done by Central Specialties, inc. of Alexandria. They were owed $126,806.95. —Final payment for bituminous paving by Central Specialties, Inc. for work on county-wide projects, including work in Balaton and at the Lyon County Fairgrounds. This payment was for $84,007.56. •Approved hiring Bonna Fischer as a Technical Assistant II in the County Recorder’s office. She will begin December 20 at an hourly wage of $17.66 per hours.

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