Superintendent Dan Deitte walked through the newly renovated kindergarten room.Newly renovated outside elementary seating. This room, known as the creative learning center, allows students to be more relaxed in the classroom. This room is ready to go.

Speeding toward completion

It’s been an extremely busy summer at the Minneota School with the vast construction project changing the look of the facility drastically.

“My goal is to be ready to teach on Tuesday, Sept. 4. We will be ready to go,” said Supt. Dan Deitte. While there will be final touches to complete through the elementary school after school starts, it will be ready to open on time.

“I feel good. We made the upgrade we said we would,” the superintendent added. Elementary kids dropped off at the front door may take a second look to determine if they’re at the right school.

Gone is the 1950s look and in its place is a retro look with new windows, new sidewalks, concrete surrounding the flag pole, new rest and bike area and a much safer facility.

Teachers have been moving in for a couple of weeks, adjusting to their new environment and getting their rooms ready for the influx of students next Tuesday.

What students and teachers alike will find in the new renovated school is much better lighting, completely renovated bathroom facilities, more space in some classrooms, a modern decor, better ventilation and a modern look to an older building.

There are little touches you may not expect, such as:

•“The older lockers have been replaced with new ones upstairs,” said Supt. Deitte.

•In the gym, there is a new power switch to lift the basket on the far end. In the past that was done by hand.

•Bathrooms were added in the kindergarten and preschool rooms so students don’t have to leave the room.

And, “The main elementary bathrooms are much bigger.”

•For the kindergarten, preschool and FACS teachers, “The room we’ve given them is incredible,” said the superintendent.

•Gone are the courtyards that used to be outside the windows. Now the space is being used as classrooms.

•Countertops, sinks, doors and windows have all been replaced in the elementary classrooms.

•Flooring in some areas won’t be done this summer but will be done next summer. Rugs will be used in the meantime.

•The two kindergarten rooms adjoin each other.

•The front of the elementary school has new sidewalk, a fresh look and very good looking windows.

• A new air handler that is located in one room and is able to distribute the air correctly throughout the elementary school.

•More power. “We have upgraded our power to meet the needs of 2018,” said Deitte.

•New LED lights. As for the teachers, they’re coming back to more space, an upgraded facility and are busy re-arranging their rooms.

While minor construction will continue after school starts, the main body of the school is ready to go and it’s a change that will be bringing smiles and wonder to most everyone who uses the facility.

Next summer acoustics, flooring and remodeled locker rooms will finish the project.

Outside, Deitte looks around and says, “This should preserve this building for decades.”

Windows arrived late but are now going in. Staff Photo by Byron Higgin.

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