School year ends on positive note

After nine interesting months, the 2020-2021 school year is ending. There were several positive comments by the board on recent school activities.
It was stated that the outdoor band concert and choir concert were "phenomenal". The boys basketball awards evening was a great event at the golf course. Prom turned out well, with the kids having a good time. Thanks to the teachers for their hard work preparing for the MCA's. The Fun Day for the elementary turned out well with the Color Run being the highlight of the day.
The Activities Director report was a summary of all the spring activities and events. The musical was the first event where online ticket purchases were available.
The lunch program finances were discussed. It appears that the program is doing well. This year, the lunches for everyone were free. That will continue next year according to federal government.
Looking at the enrollment figures shows that there has been a slight decline this school year. The school is planning on moving forward to pre-COVID times. There will be one less elementary teacher next year due to declining enrollment. The kindergarten class will be larger next year.
All the seniors graduated on Friday, May 21. The ceremony was held at the football field. The high school MCA testing went well. Barb Knutson has done a superb job handling the testing this year.
The first week of May was Teacher Appreciation Day. It was also appreciation day for the nurses and school lunch staff. Mrs. Mahan-Deitte completed the Principal's Academy program. There will be a need for more paras next year. Mrs. Mahan-Deitte also thanked Mr. Frie for stepping in and helping out when she had a brief medical leave.
Many thanks to 4.0 busing for taking the prom kids to the Heritage Event Center for the dance and after-prom activities. Thanks to the chaperones and after-prom committee for all their hard work on creating a special evening for the juniors and seniors.
The building and grounds committee met in the middle of May. There is approximately $17,000 left from the construction project. Possible uses for that money are replacing the old classroom doors, fixing the issues with the chiller and air handler from 2016 and 2018, repairing sidewalk by the front elementary door and near the weight room due to eliminate the winter ice problem, and updating the sprinkler system at Kompelien Field. It was also mentioned that Mr. Deitte that Barb Knutson should receive more compensation for all she did to keep the district on track during the COVID pandemic.
The consent agenda was passed with mention made of the resignations. Chris Shuckhart, Nicolle Johnston, Nicole Berning and Samantha Pies are moving to other positions. Board Chairman Dawn Van Keulen said, "It's hard to say goodbye to these staff members."
Emily Citterman has been hired to teach seventh grade math next year.

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