School construction ‘going very, very well’ — Supt. Dan Deitte

The summer school construction project is coming along well. There school board Tuesday took a second tour of the facility and noted additional projects since the last tour over a month ago.

The elementary school is under construction. “The project is going very, very well,” said Supt. Dan Deitte.

“The tiling in the bathrooms is happening and that’s a really, really, big project. We have some good trades (people) and they’re working very, very hard,” he told school board members.

“We’ve had all kinds of things going on because of the construction ... floods and lights going out. It’s been an interesting summer. But they’ve done well,” said the superintendent.

He also thanked Facilities Director Les Engler for helping out and for putting in extra hours.

“We’ve pretty much cleaned everything that hasn’t been touched by the construction project,” said Engler.

“We’re getting ready to move some classes in,” said Engler regarding projects that have been completed. “We’ll be deep-cleaning some of the rooms.”

The school is getting new bathrooms, lighting, outdoor aesthetics, enlarging of classrooms, new tile and asbestos removal. It’s part of the $5.2 million bond issue that passed. Next summer other projects, including locker room renovations, will take place. IN OTHER action the board: •Held the first FLY meeting with a couple of residents on hand to discuss whether to start school early or wait until after Labor Day next year.

They will start after Labor Day this year due to the construction. •Noted the high school musical this fall will be, High School Musical.

•Approved Tami Tolk as the Extra Duty coordinator; Amber Rodas as junior class/prom advisor; Kelsea Anderson as high school student council; Wade Gillund as junior high football coach; Nichole Traen as the ECFE Parent Educator; Robyn Minnehan for a 50 cent per hour raise as school nurse and Caitlyn Sonnenburg as an ECFE Child Educator with Melinda Stiklestad as an ECFE Child Educator/Coordinator.

•Accepted the resignation of Nikki DeBoer as an ICU coordinator; approved the contract of Wade Gillund for $40,000 per year including $20 per month for cell phone stipend; approved long-term substitute Jonathan Ninneman; rehired Lois Dero as part-time technology department personnel for three days per week; approved Emily Hennen as DAPE and physical education teacher at 54 percent time; approved the resignation of Faith Buysse; approved Cari Pohlen as Fitness for Life instructor and approved a one-year leave of absence for Emily Citterman.

Sports …Lights being fixed

Jason Myhre is back and he’s already jumped into the mix as the Activities Director/Grounds Manager for the Minneota Schools.

Myhre, who was the Minneota Athletic Director before it became a full-time position, spent the last two years at Tri-City United Schools in Montgomery, MN. He started his new duties around July 1 and his family is in the process of moving back to Minneota.

Jason Myhre thanked the school board for asking him back as athletic director and grounds keeper. He was re-hired after the resignation of Matt Myrvik.

One of the larger items he’s watching is the fixing of the lights at K. P. Kompelien field — the football and baseball complex. “The lights are being fixed,” Myhre reported. Work is underway to replace the old transformers and re-wire the project. Early in the summer, the lights went out and it was determined the complex needed a new transformer and new wiring.

Otter Tail Power Company told the school board they would get the lights back on temporarily but that a “permanent” fix was need. The cost of the project was about $21,000. The City of Minneota (owner of the property) and the school agreed to share the cost. However, Tuesday night the board gratefully accepted a donation of $10,000 from Darren Gislason to go toward the light project at K. P. Kompelien Field. “We’d like to extend our thanks. It’s an incredible gift,” said Board Chairman Dawn Van Keulen.

“He’s also made a donation to the city, too, so he’s pretty much paid for those lights,” said Supt. Dan Deitte.

“This will free up our money so we can get more lights outside in the parking lot (at the school),” said Supt. Deitte. Myhre also told the board: •Fall sports is less than three weeks away.

•He is changing the website by streamlining it and making it easier to read.

•He is working on our sports programs, utilizing opportunities for our businesses to use advertising on our programs. The program will include photos of the teams.

“This will help generate some money for our activities,” Myhre said. The Mascot will print the programs.

•Indicated a meeting with parents will be held in the near future to explain the rules and regulations of participating in sports this coming season.

•The board approved the fall coaches and advisors: Chad Johnston, head football; Matt Myrvik, Steve Sussner, Les Engler as assistant football coaches; Chuck Josephson, Jordan Fink as junior high football coaches; Samantha Pies junior high volleyball coach; John Voit band director; Christy Opdahl, annual photo and Chris Shuckhart, senior class advisor.

•Approved Big Stone therapies for physical therapy services for the new school year.

•Held a closed meeting performance review for Supt. Dan Deitte. •Set the next school board meeting for 7 p.m., Tuesday, August 21.

Jason Myhre returned to the district as the Activities Director/Outdoor Grounds Manager and talked with the board Tuesday night. Staff Photo by Byron Higgin.

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