Landon Rolbiecki was surrounded by friends at the end of the volleyball season when he came home from his surgeries.

Rolbiecki still being treated for broken leg

The broken leg from a football inury that became a nightmore for Landon Rolbiecki has not ended.
The Minneota junior was back in the hospital last week with two more surgeries on the leg that originally was broken in two places during a game against Lakeview back in October.
“He’s now had 11 surgeries,” said his mother Karen, “And we don’t know for sure if he’s through yet,” she admitted.
While Landon has been at home with his family, the leg wounds have been left open for draining purposes.
When they haven’t drained properly, “He’s had to go back in to have them drained,” his mother said.
A new treatment is being tried in an effort to get the leg closer to recovery.
While he’s returned to school, Landon has been unable to rid himself of the wheelchair because of the open wound.
“It has been a long, drawn out affair and we don’t know for sure when it will end,” said Karen Rolbiecki.
After breaking his leg, Landon was taken to Avera Hospital in Marshall, where he was treated, until it was deemed necessary to transfer him to Sioux Falls for extended treatment.
He’s been returning to Sioux Falls for the extended surguries.
There is no prognosis on Rolbiecki’s chances of every playing ball again. Right now the strategy is to heal the wound and get him back on his feet again.
“It’s been very hard on Landon, but he’s doing the best he can,” said his father John.
For now, the hope is the new medication will do the job and Landon Rolbiecki can get back on his feet as soon as possible.

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