More City Hall investors are needed

In order to proceed with the construction of the restaurant portion at the City Hall Bar & Grill in downtown Minneota, more investors are being sought.

Potential investors have until Oct. 31 to join the other 16 groups that include a total of 36 investors. Shares are $500 each with a minimum of $7,500 for each group. Investment groups can include one or more investors.

“We are getting close to our goal,” said Eric Buysse of the investment group. “But we need more so we can go forward,” added Buysse.

The City Hall Bar & Grill original investors purchased the former business Bubba's Bar, as well as the empty lot beside it, on Jan. 1 from Bubba DePestel.

The establishment is now investor owned by City Hall Bar had new walls, flooring and windows added as a part of the renovation process before it opened for business.

The plan is now for more investors to join to allow for the construction of the restaurant area in the empty lot.

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