New floor in the Minneota Public Schools.

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Asbestos removed; new flooring installed

Minneota School Superintendent Dan Deitte reported last week that, “All the asbestos flooring has been removed, and new flooring is being installed in our classrooms and hallways on the main level.”

The project has been ongoing since the remodeling of the school began a couple of years ago. “We are proud to continue to remove asbestos from our school district,” said Deitte.

New teacher ... Korin Koch “It’s a new fiscal year at Minneota Public Schools and it’s time to start introducing our new staff,” reported the district’s website.

Korin Koch (pronounced Cook) is the new English/Language Arts teacher. She comes to Minneota from Kansas. Recently, she answered seven good questions so the community of Minneota can get to know her a little bit before the school year starts. Here are her answers:

MPS: You are about to embark on your first year of teaching! What are you most excited about?

Ms. Koch: I’m most excited to meet my new students — even the ones who hate English! Some of the greatest teachers I have ever had were in the subjects I liked the least. I hope to make this an enjoyable year where all students feel they have the opportunity to succeed.

MPS: If you could reach out and tell your future students any one thing about yourself, what would tell them? Ms. Koch: I cannot spell worth a lick. It has always been a struggle for me. As an English educator, this has always been my greatest shame! Whatever your strength is — I hope to make you better, and where you have a weakness — well, we will work on that too. As Nirvana once said — come as you are.

MPS: What do you like to do in your free time? Ms. Koch: In my free time I love to bake, read, paddle board on the lake, travel, and snuggle my cat KiKi. One of my greater passions is writing letters to the friends I have met in my travels.

MPS: You’ll be teaching English classes at MHS. What is your favorite novel? Why?

Ms. Koch: “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. The language is plain and straightforward, the novel is short enough to read in one sitting, and I cry every time. Hinton was 18 years old when her novel was published- pretty amazing.

MPS: If you got to star in any movie, which movie character would you like to be? Why?

Ms. Koch: I would love to play Indigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. It is one of my favorite movies- and books- and he has such conviction!

MPS: If you got to have dinner with any three people past/present/future, who would you sit down and have dinner with?

Ms. Koch: C. S. Lewis (author of “The Chronicles of Narnia”), J. R. R. Tolkien (author of “The Lord of the Rings”), and Salvador Dali. Lewis and Tolkien had a fascinating friendship in real life, and their service during WWI forever shaped their views on friendship, religion, and the progressive era. They stood apart from many of their counterparts- and I love a good rebel. I love the art of Salvador Dali and would imagine a conversation with him might be as surreal as many of his works.

MPS: You went to high school and college in Kansas, what brings you to Minneota, MN?

Ms. Koch: Although I was raised in Kansas, I have always considered myself to be a Minnesota girl. I’m very close to my extended family and my grandparents, who are from Marshall, and Lake Shetek has always been my home base. Minneota has a small town sense of community that I love and the high achieving attitude that gets things done!

New teacher Korin Koch

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