Nancy Reisdorfer was sworn in Monday night as the new Minneota City Council member to replace Jerry Teigland.

Minneota First Responders have begun

The Minneota First Responders are up and running —with 15 EMR’s (Emergency Medical Responders) finishing their training now. Minneota officially went into business January 8.

“We’ve picked up a few more people who want to be on the crew. I think we have about 20 now,” said City Administrator Shirley Teigland. “That is encouraging,” said Councilman Tim Koppien.

The city has taken over operating their own responder service after North Memorial declined to do it any longer after the first of the year. North Ambulance has to give the city a vehicle for $1 and the council has accepted responder unit. North Memorial has offered their medical director for the City of Minneota and the council accepted that offer.

“Every First Responder group has to have a medical director. So now that’s in place,” said City Administrator Teigland. Pages and radios have been purchased and have been programmed, she said.

This is a first responder unit only and will not be doing any transporting. Transporting will be done by North Memorial.

THE MINNEOTA Lift Station, “has issues,” Teigland told the council Monday night. The North Grant lift station currently has two PumpEx brand submersible pumps that are obsolete and parts are no longer available.

The pumps are badly worn and need replacement. The cost of one pump replacement is $6,144 each, plus labor to remove the old pump and install the new one. That bid came from Bryan Goehring of W. W. Gpetsch Associations of Minneapolis.

The council voted to replace one of the motors in the Grant Lift Station and hope to replace the other one later. At the Main Lift station a new hydromatic model submersible pump will need replacing at a cost of $11,938 for just the motor and installation.

Instead of a new motor at this time, “New impellers” for the existing pump can be installed. They voted to replace three impellers at a cost of $7,968.

“If we get three impellers we can buy ourselves some time,” said Teigland.

“I guess for now, we should replace them,” said Councilman Koppien. “If you don’t replace the impellers you’re just asking for trouble,” Teigland added.

The council voted to replace all the impellers and will look at replacing the entire pump at a later time.

POOL RENOVATIONS are needed. Councilwoman Amber Rodas indicated the “Pool Pals” are looking at possible fundraising to repair the swimming pool. The “lap pool” resurfacing could cost $200,000. This year the two small pools will be fixed.

“The State Health Department won’t allow the pool to open if the renovations aren’t accomplished.”

City Administrator Teigland said, “We are also looking at grant opportunities.” Other sources such as a community foundation help from the Economic Development Administration and others will be sought.

For now, the renovations must be made but a full pool replacement could be down the road in the future.

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