Minneota academics excel again

“Our test results are phenomenal,” said Supt. Dan Diette. The school district has unveiled another round of testing that puts Minneota’s academics at or very near the top in science, math and reading.

“Take a look at our performance this year,” said Elementary Principal and Curriculum Director Jennifer Mahan-Deitte.

She said, “We have been working very hard on improving. I have been impressed with the performance of students.”

She added, “We have success here because we’re all doing our jobs.” “Our graduation rate (97 percent) is well above the state rate (82 percent) and it always has been,” said Mahan-Deitte.

In science, “We were down to 43 proficiency in 2013 and we climbed up to the top. We were first last year at 70.1 percent proficiency and are 69.1 now,” said Supt. Dan Deitte.

Last year, Minneota was the top in the area out of 28 schools and is at the same proficiency this year, but second to Hendricks. Minneota has ranked higher than the state level in science achievements.

“It’s phenomenal,” said Mahan-Deitte. In every class, Minneota made a strong performance. Grade seven was ninth; grade eight leads the area and grade 10 was third in the area.

“We’re doing very, very well,” she said. “You’ll see how consistent we are, in the top five or six in almost all the areas,” said Supt. Deitte. “Our expectations are the same, no matter what kids come through,” said Principal Jeremy Frie.

In the area of reading, “Our numbers are nice and low for students not meeting achievement levels and nice and strong from meeting the standards,” Mahan-Deitte said.

“There’s number of students falling into the group that’s exceeding,” she added.

“We’re up to 76.9 percent proficiency and third in the area next to Hendricks and Hills-Beaver Creek.” In the grade levels, “We are in the top range in all grades,” she said.

In the secondary, Minneota is, “Holding really strong. I’d say 99 percent of our kids are doing their very best on testing day,” said Mahan-Deitte. Minneota’s elementary reading has been at the top the last two years and by classes, they are in the top five in all three top grades — including first at 81 percent.

In math, “The levels are also really outstanding,” said Mahan-Deitte. The senior high math continues to climb and is fifth in the area at 69.5 percent.

Elementary math also is high at fifth in the area at 76.9 percent proficient. Secondary math started at 34 percent in 2013 and today is at 63 percent and fourth in the area out of 28 schools.

“Jeremy and I are so pleased because we continue to hold strong increases,” said Mahan-Deitte.

“I think we’re all blown away by these results,” said School Board Chairman Dawn VanKeulen.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved Brenda Swoboda as preschool para-professional; Jessica Laleman as a para-professional; Nichole Traen as the ECFE Parent Education; Caitlyn Sonnenburg as an ECFE Child education and Melinda Drietz as ECFE Child Educator/coordinator.

•Approved resignation of Brandi Stefanson as a para-professional; hired Brianna Anderson as a pre-school para-professional and Tegan Gillund as website coordinator.

•Was told by Principal Jeremy Frie a new website will be up and running by mid-September. “That’s when we’ll launch the site,” said. “Our goal is to get information out fast, promote and market the school,” he said.

Frie recently attended training on updating the website. “I think it will be more user friendly,” he said.

•Approved an addition to the press box at K. P. Kompelien Field. Also noted the addition to the concession stand at the field will also be done soon.

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