The four queen candidates gave speeches to the judges during the judging last week. They are (front row, left to right): Ava Larson, Morgen Wersal, Ellen Meagher and Brooke Moorse. Last year’s royalty also attended and they are (back row, left to right): First Princess Klaire Banks, Queen Jodi Buysse and Second Princess Raeann Bruner. Brooke MoorseAva LarsonEllen MeagherMorgen Wersal

Meet the Boxelder Bug Days Queen Candidates

Despite Boxelder Bug Days being cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the queen coronation will still be held in a non-traditional way on Sept. 12.
Four young ladies are vying for the title of Boxelder Bug Days queen this year. The queen candidates for 2020 are:
Ava Larson, the daughter of Keven and Kari Larson, is sponsored by Prairie Winds Wellness.
Ellen Meagher, the daughter of Casey and Jody Meahger, is sponsored by Minneota Manor.
Brooke Moorse, the daughter of Greg and Becky Moorse, is sponsored by The Minneota Mascot.
Morgen Wersal, the daughter of Jeff Wersal and Lori Buysse, is sponsored by B&B Electric.
The four young ladies recently met at the Community Center for their first round of judging. Each candidate was also required to construct a poster that showcased themselves as a candidate, as well as their sponsor.
The community can view the posters that will be displayed in downtown Minneota through Bug Days weekend.
"The girls also gave a short speech explaining to our judges why they would like to represent the community of Minneota as Boxelder Bug Days Royalty and why they would be a good choice," said Dawn Vlaminck of the Bug Days committee. "The girls also had personal interviews with the judges so that they could get to know them better."
In most years, the Queen Coronation has been held onstage during the Boxelder Bug Days weekend in the business district courtyard with the public in attendance. Due to social distancing requirements amid the pandemic, the Bug Days committee is holding the coronation with the safety of everyone in mind.
The 2020 coronation will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 12 and will be livestreamed for the public to view. Only the immediate family of each of the young ladies will be in attendance. At that time, each of the candidates will introduce themselves and then answer a question that was provided to them earlier in the day.
"After a queen is crowned, the royalty will parade, similar to what we did for graduation," said Vlaminck. "Details of these events such as time and location of coronation and parade route will be determined soon.
Last year's Boxelder Bug Days queen was Jodi Buysse, while Klaire Banks was First Princess and Raeann Bruner was Second Princess.

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