Here is a voting update for Lyon County as of Tuesday, October 13:

Lyon County voting update

Here is a voting update for Lyon County as of Tuesday, October 13:
Ballots transmitted to voters: 7,529
Ballots returned: 2,616
Ballots accepted: 2,580
Ballots rejected: 36

Rejected ballots would be for items such as: no signature by the voter; voter signature does not match name on envelope; no witness - required for nonregistered voters; missing ID # (driver’s license or last 4 of social security) on absentee envelope; etc. Additional ballots will not be counted as ballots were returned without the required signature envelope, so we don’t know who the ballot was sent to . . . thus cannot be an official rejection.
Some ballots transmitted have been spoiled as individuals register to vote in other counties. If those ballots are returned, we will not be able to accept them as those ballots are now flagged in the statewide voter registration system.
Ballots have been accepted from all 33 precincts. The City of Garvin and Amiret Township have the largest turnouts so far at 31% and 30%, respectively.
Of the 2,580 accepted ballots, 1,281 are from the 3 Marshall wards, 142 from Tracy and 91 from Balaton.
The 2,580 accepted ballots are already the 3rd most accepted absentee and mail ballots for any election in Lyon County behind the general elections in 2018 (3,047) and 2016 (2,978).

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