Lyon County Board to City of Marshall:

Give local housing developers first chance

A proposed housing development by an out-of-town developer came under fire by the Lyon County Board on Tuesday.

Commissioner Charlie Sanow voiced strong opposition to a project being done by a developer from outside Marshall because, “It takes away from our local developers,” Sanow said.

The developer, from Alexandria, is proposing a 108-apartment complex just south of Highway 68 along Legion Road.

A discussion on the proposed Marshall Tax Increment Financing for funding a project, “As I understand, $3 million,” said Commissioner Ritter, brought a variety of comments from county commissioners. The Tax Increment Financing (TIF) project is intended as the funding for a proposed apartment complex.

County Administrator Loren Stomberg said the actual figure is about $2.2 million with the $3 million figure a maximum amount of the project. The City of Marshall is spearheading the TIF financing of the project.

“I think we need to write a letter of objection to this project,” said Commissioner Charlie Sanow. “At the minimum, we should write a letter of objection to the City of Marshall,” he added.

“You’re sticking $2.2 million dollars, up to $3 million for 108 apartments in the city. I don’t think we should be financing this for a developer from out-of-town. It takes away from our local people,” Commissioner Sanow added.

Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cal Brink said, “I think we need to question the $3 million. If we put in a lessor amount, it could be approved quicker.”

“I would go for a motion on a smaller amount,” Brink added. “I agree with a smaller amount, about $2 million without all the added extras,” said Commissioner Rick Anderson.

He asked for a letter by the county board to the Marshall City Council questioning the funding of the project.

“I am not saying I’m against this but I feel more satisfied after this discussion today,” said commissioner Steve Ritter. “I’m pleased with what I heard today on both sides (of the issue),” said Ritter.

The motion should say, “Do we want the city (of Marshall) to compete against our local developers?” Sanow repeated. Commissioner Anderson suggested the letter to the City of Marshall should include a suggestion of a lesser amount on the project (and opposition to non-local developers). “The county board will likely talk about this again,” said Auditor/Treasurer E. J. Moberg.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Reviewed the annual county feedlot report compiled by Devin Ryan.

“The number of feedlots registered in county is 303. There are 282 of these feedlots eligible for funding,” said John Biren, county zoning director. The report shows how the county inspects feedlot sights, including land application inspections, specialty inspections, permitting and other on-site activities. The board approved the annual feedlot report.

•Approved a new feedlot for Dale, Julie and Joshua Wieme of Tyler. The feedlot is in Shelburne Township and consists of 2,400 head with a building 164x121. It is a confinement barn with below the barn concrete manure pit. “There was a hearing with no opposition,” said Biren.

•Approved a conditional use permit for a feedlot expansion for Ben Ludeman of Tracy in Monroe Township. The facility will be adding 1,800 hogs to the current 3,000 hogs currently raised at the facility.

A new 60 foot by 240 foot finishing confinement barn with concrete manure pit is being added to the 102x240 foot finishing confinement barn. At the public hearing, there was one person questioning the feedlot addition. Biren said he took a tour with the person concerned about the operation and questions were answered.

•Approved the hiring of summer interns. They are: Engineering Intern: Alec Bueltel; Engineering Intern: Devin Neubeck; Assessing Intern: Matt Knutson; Assessing Intern: Jacob Graupmann and approved hiring temporary summer help, including Maxwell Roelfsema and Jordan Graupmann.

Commissioner Charlie Sanow

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