Raindrops fell on the Brad's Market tent as workers held down the awning during the rain storm. Nordland Top Notchers held their outdoor food sale despite the weather. They served up a hamburger special and also waited on merchants in the community. And they worked around the rain.

It rained on our parade

•Crazy Day goes on in Minneota despite the rain drops

There is only one day during the year when Minneota merchants haul out their merchandise, mark it with special prices and howler, "We're going Crazy."

Friday (today) is Crazy Days — and its not over yet ... despite a storm that interrupted the proceedings.

Dark, ominious clouds build up in the North-West and moved into the community just after 10:30 a.m. — dumping rain on the community and the Crazy Day event.

Undeterred, merchants and shoppers each stayed and when the rain quit about 20 minutes to a half hour later, Crazy Day resumed and will continue throughout the day.

Some of the sales were already inside, others moved inside with the impending weather.

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