Highway 23 safety project continues

“No. 1 is safety,” said Leif Garnass, of the SRF Consulting Group, Inc. as he told the Lyon County Board about the progress of the Marshall Highway 23 Safety Improvement projects.

MnDOT will be constructing J-turn “reduced-conflict” intersections at County Road 7 and Lyon St. in 2018.

”We want to accommodate current and future traffic demands as urbanization continues,” said Garness.

“Right now, we want to bring the public up to speed on what we are planning,” he said. A public meeting was held this week. “We’ll improve accessibility and connectivity for all modes and develop a long-range plan for managing the Highway 23 corridor,” said Garness.

The top three concerns are safety at intersections; access to and from and across Highway 23 and travel speeds along Highway 23. The locations of top concern are: County Road 7; Lyon St.; Clarice Ave; Highway 59/Canoga Park Dr.; Tiger Dr./Commencement Blvd. and Highway 19.

Construction is set to begin in the spring and summer of 2018.

Byron Higgin

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