Blueprints sit on a table as work to remodel the elementary school swings into full action this week.Construction work on the Elementary School is “full speed ahead” after school officially ended with graduation last Saturday night. The rooms and hallways have been “gutted” as the crew is moving fast in an effort to finish the project before the start of school after Labor Day. Cemstone products were piled outside the elementary school as workers  were buzzing around inside the building on Monday morning. Workers hurried to “gut the building for construction”.

Full speed ahead

They aren’t wasting much time shifting the Minneota Elementary School remodeling project into first gear.

The Class of 2018 graduated on Saturday and by Monday the school was filled with construction personnel, the out-dated bathrooms were being torn out and in general, “The school has been gutted.”

“We’re being told it will be done by the start of the school year,” said Deitte.

That certainly is the goal.

A $5.25 million bond issue was passed last August in preparation for this project. Once the administration tore into the huge proposal they decided it couldn’t be all done in one summer. So work on the locker rooms and other areas will be accomplished next summer.

The current work, “Has been ramped up,” said Supt. Deitte.

The project began with some asbestos removal in the elementary hallways and classrooms. That’s one of the first priorities.

Deitte said, “A couple of the bathrooms had been shut down and both sets of bathrooms and the bathroom in the high school workroom/nurse’s room are being re-done.”

There will be expansion, such as in the preschool/kindergarten classrooms and a couple of the courtyards will disappear in an effort to add more classroom space.

New windows, air handlers and lighting will be added.

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