Fireman Joe Buysse helped Beau Walker escape through the window to give the kids an idea of how to get out of a burning house.

'Escape plan' revealed to kids by firemen

Fire Prevention Week is always a good time for firemen to show people how to get out of a home that could be on fire.

Wednesday the Minneota Firement held their annual Fire Prevention Week Open House, complete with meal, poster winners, fun for the kids and education for everyone.

A big hit for the kids, and also a way to get the point across for firement came from the Marshall Fire Department's Fire Safety and Weather Education House.

Kids found smoke as they got into the house, then escaped through a rear window.

Kids also got a chance to get inside a fire truck and even sit in the driver's seat.

The local fire department also visited schools this past week and were on hand to serve the meal to the visitors.


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