New Minneota City Ordinance discusses chicken control.

EDA, council to consider lot purchase around golf course

Council also adopts policies on stray cats, chickens and social media


John Noyes of the Minneota Economic Development Administration Monday told the Minneota City Council resident Jane Jennen is interested in possibly selling lots around the Countryside Golf Course.

“In the past, we’ve thought about buying lots around the golf course. She has never wanted to sell, but now she says it’s good timing if we are interested. If we can find financing, we have until September to try and find financing. If we can’t find financing, I don’t think we’ll spend a lot of time and money on it,” said Noyes. “She wants $15,000 an acre,” he said.

“As an EDA, we’re going to try and find financing for it.” “These are choice lots around the golf course,” Noyes said. He indicated he can imagine homes going up around the golf course quicker than in other areas.

“The EDA is going to look into seeing what we can do with that,” Noyes indicated. “It’s not going to cost us much to see if we can do it. Once we get some hard numbers, a decision will be easier,” said Noyes.

“I just wanted to bring it up so everyone is on the same page and we’ll see what we can do,” said Noyes.

City to use traps to control cat problem

Over the past few years, Minneota has experienced an increase in cats roaming neighborhoods. As result, the council Monday adopted a plan to use “live traps” to control a huge wild cat population in the city.

“The plan is to respond to cat complaints by deploying live traps. When a cat is captured, it will be transported to the Minneota Vet Clinic for evaluation. If it’s believed to be a pet, methods will be done to find the owners.

If no owner is found, the Tracy Area Animal Rescue and Marshall Area Animal Rescue will be contacted to see if they have room. If not claimed or adopted, the cat will be euthanized. “If the cat can be removed from the community through rescue, the City of Minneota will contribute the money that would have been paid for euthinization to the rescue organization to be used for shots and sterilization of the cat.”

City enacts chicken control

Monday the council approved an ordinance dealing with chickens in the community. “I have received a number of complaints regarding chickens on the street and on other people’s property,” said Chief Bolt.

“Chickens are currently permitted in Minneota but we do not have an existing ordinance discussing the number, type and pen requirements for chickens.”“This ordinance would permit me to work with chicken owners to ensure owning of chickens does not become a problem for other community members.”

The new ordinance allows no more than 18 adult chickens and owners can keep a brood of chicks for no more than 16 weeks — at which time the flock must be reduced to 18 chickens. Only female chickens are allowed, not roosters.

There are also restrictions on the coops and enclosures; maintenance and there’s an enforcement penalty.

Council joins police Facebook page

City government news will be added to the Facebook page operated by Chief of Police Bill Bolt. Last month, the city council discussed operating a Facebook page.

Chief Bolt and City Administrator Shirley Teigland looked at the proposal and decided the best method was to include government news on the police department page. “It will be called the City of Minneota Government and Police Department page,” said Chief Bolt. “We both agree this is the best and only option,” said Chief Bolt. The problem with an independent page was the “messages” on Facebook.

“There are no means by which a customer may select whom to message,” said the chief.

As a result, they’ve selected the best possible method of adding Facebook information.

The council also voted to replace two new fire hydrants in the city. With a number of fire hydrants needing replacement, the prior council decided to replace two hydrants a year and this council continued that policy.

It will cost approximately $4,300 to replace a hydrant — $2,500 for the hydrant and $1,800 for the installation.

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