Dalager: Time has come, the end is near

Another change to a Minneota business is forthcoming with Chuck Dalager announcing that he is selling his service station and grocery store on North Madison Street with plans to retire later in the year.

Dalager's has been in the family for 57 years. Chester and Evelyn, Chuck's parents, first owned the station in 1960 and ran it for 22 years before Chuck and his wife Linda took over.

“When my parents had it, they were the pioneers of the convenience stores,” said Dalager.

“They started out with a bulk truck and added a couple of pumps. Then they added groceries to make it into a convenience store.” Dalager pumped gas when his parents ran the station.

“That's back in the days when you would pump gas, check the oil and wash the windshield for the customer,” laughed Dalager.

“The young kids today don't realize it was like that years ago.” Dalager isn't sure when he will officially retire. “We're getting things in order first,” he said. “It will likely be before the end of the year.”

Dalager's daughter, Carrie Schueller, had mixed emotions when she first announced the pending sale and retirement of her parents on her Facebook page. “My parents have enjoyed owning the business and greatly appreciate the people that have supported them over the years,” she wrote.

“They are known for their amazing pizza and great conversation.”

Dalager admits he has had to adapt to the times over the years and it's time for someone younger to take on the challenge.

“I've adapted quite a bit over 35 years,” he said. “If I was 30 now instead of 60, I could continue to adapt; but I'm not,” he said.

One of the things he will have to adapt to once he retires is what to do with his spare time after spending a majority of his time at the service station. “We only close two days a year,” he said.

“Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yeah, I've spent a lot of time here. I have multiple possibilities what I will do after this.”

If anyone is interested in purchasing Dalager's Service Station and Grocery, call Chuck at 507-401-7571.

Chuck Dalager. Mascot File Photo

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