County Board addresses law enforcement issues

Lyon County commissioners last week initiated user agreements for third-party access to the Criminal Justice Data Communications Network (CJDN) with the cities of Marshall, Minneota and Tracy.

The shared confidential information includes 911 public safety emergency dispatching information. “We haven’t done anything like this before?” asked Chairman Paul Graupmann in the board’s deliberation.

Sheriff Mark Mather responded, “Correct. It’s recommended by the state.”

The computer equipment is jointly owned 60 percent by the county and 40 percent by the contracted cities. Commissioners also renewed Lyon County’s agreement for police services with the cities of Balaton and Cottonwood.

Mather explained how the county rotates officers to provide a full police presence in each city. He cited positive feedback he has received from city officials for providing several familiar faces of law enforcement in each community.

At the request of Sheriff Mather, the county board also agreed to accept a $100 donation from the Peterson family of Florence for the purposes of National Night Out.

The money will be used to provide handouts at special events.

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