Council ready to sell new lots

The Minneota City Council has begun a drive to fill the lots at the recently developed Gorecki Development. Monday, they approved advertising the lots in the Minneota Mascot once a month in order to provide the information to potential property owners.

It will run for three months. They also discussed options for putting the information on billboards in the area.

The advertising indicates this is a new housing community with $10,000 rebates available. The council indicated, “Developers are wanted.”

The Gorecki addition lot prices and building incentives are $45,000 and $37,000 depending on the lots with a $10,000 rebate if the home is built within a year.

The council decided to start the advertising schedule next week. There are single family homes and open to duplexes and town homes.

The Gorecki addition is along County Road 24 just a block and a half from the school, swimming pool and four blocks from the Minneota golf course.

The development is next to a paved walking trail and adjacent to Minneota Manor.

IN OTHER news the council:

•Noted City Maintenance man Tim DeVlaeminck has received a Wastewater Treatment Facility Operation award. He will receive the award at the annual conference in Brooklyn Park on March 27.

•Approved the Minneota School District’s zoning permit for a proposed vehicle storage garage at 411 N. Jackson Street. It’s within a residential area. The school board intends to construct a concrete and masonry foundation with wood frame walls and roof. The garage will house five vehicles. Most of the residential property owners approve the permit.

•Approved the one-day liquor license for St. Edward Church. •Approved a mutual aid agreement for law enforcement with Lyon County.

•Discussed a potential “Frozen Service Line Policy.” The city currently does not have such a policy. There have been five reports of frozen lines this year and City Administrator Shirley Teigland said, “There could be more.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Councilman Tim Koppien.

“I appreciate (city clerk) Alexis Rameriz, who called me and told me I had a water leak,” said Councilman Koppien. “Her equipment was telling her that, and I appreciated it,” he said.

The idea of the policy is to clarify responsibilities of the council prior to the report of a frozen water and/or sanitary sewer service line. The new policy says the water/sewer service lines are the responsibility of the resident from the house to the city main and the water shut-off box is also owned by the property owner and it’s their responsibility to maintain it in proper working order.

Teigland indicated she plans to provide more information to residents and will re-work the policy for future council approval.

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