Windows were going into the school this week.

Construction winding down ....

Teachers moving back in

he school construction project is nearing an end — but there are still many items to be done.

The hardest part has been putting in new windows because they didn’t arrive on time.

“There was a lot of waiting to be done,” said Minneota Supt. Dan Deitte. But the windows are starting to go in.

“The secondary windows can be done at the end because they are not classrooms,” said the superintendent.

The windows are really looking nice,” he added. “There may be a room or two left by the time school starts but there will be very little left. And these won’t be classrooms.”

“It’s going very smoothly,” said Supt. Deitte.

“The lights are now outside the building by the elementary,” he reported.

The flagpole is now cemented in and a newly added sitting area by the bike rack has been added. “This project has been astronomical,” said Board Chairman Dawn Van Keulen.

“There have been a lot of little things. But this project is on schedule and it has a lot to do with Mr. Deitte,” said the board chairman. School Board Member Larry Buysse also reported work is being done on the lighting at K. P. Kompelien Field.

“They are setting the transformers and they will be hooked up by Friday,” said Buysse.

IN OTHER action the board: •Heard Board Chairman Dawn Van Keulen thank the, “Teachers who have been so patient (during the construction process). They’re now putting their rooms back together,” she added.

“Teachers in grades two to six are already getting their rooms ready,” reported Elementary Principal Jen Mahan-Deitte.

“Our hearts go out to the custodians because they have a lot of work and they’ve done it very graciously all year. I told them they could have overtime because we’ve got to get it done,” added Supt. Dan Deitte. He also thanked the teachers for their cooperation during the construction.

•Held it’s final FLY (Flexible Learning Year) meeting with the public. The community had the chance to comment about their feelings on when to start school — early before Labor Day or after Labor Day when most other schools begin.

Minneota has always started early, but is starting after Labor Day this year due to the construction at the school. Parents and residents shared their feelings on when school should start with the board.

One of the main comments usually centers on the State Fair and the difficulty students have attending the fair at the time when school is starting. Supt. Dan Deitte said school could start after Labor Day again next year because, “We have a lot of asbestos to take out for next year’s project (which includes renovating the school locker rooms).”

“It’s always a tough decision. I’m not married to it either way,” said Van Keulen.

The board has not made a decision on the start of school for the 2019-2020 school year. •Was told by Supt. Deitte the school district would use the “Fingerprint System” for school lunches this year, with consent of each family. Students will get a “green light” on lunches and won’t have to have a pass.

•Approved Kelsea Anderson as Junior High volleyball coach for this season.

Board: ‘Deitte doing a great job!’

The Minneota School Board completed a review of Supt. Dan Deitte and Board Chairman Dawn Van Keulen Tuesday reported, Overall, as has been the case in previous years, Mr. Deitte is doing a great job and the board feels our district is very fortunate to have his leadership.”

After a survey was taken, “In ALL cases, ALL board members chose Agree or Strongly Agree indicating that they believe Mr. Deitte is doing a very good job in leading our school district,” she indicated.

“In summary, the board feels that this year has been very stressful due to the construction project but that Mr. Deitte has done a great job in communicating with the board, making decisions, working with the other administrators, representing our school district, keeping us on budget, and setting expectations (as shown in our very improved MCA scores),” said Van Keulen.

Fund donations in memory of Larsons

Darren Gislason, who donated over $20,000 to the Minneota School District and the City of Minneota to pay for repair of the lights at K. P. Kompelien Field has indicated the donations are in the Memory of former Supt. of Schools Ralph Larson and former Mayor Paul Larson.

Kids help design renovated gymnasium

The newly-refurbished Minneota Gymnasium now has the mural on the wall with a lot of other new touches. “Most of the mural, colors and other designs were chosen by students before the end of last year and they did a great job,” said Principal Jeremy Frie.

“It’s cool to give the kids a voice and it’s turning out real nice,” said the principal. “We’re going to have one of the nicest gyms in Class A when it’s all done,” Principal Frie added.

Hit the ground running

Principal Frie commended Jason Myhre, Activities Director/Grounds Maintenance supervisor.

Myhre, who previously was the athletic director, has returned to the district and Principal Frie said the takeover of the position has been “seamless” and he, “hit the ground running”. “He’s doing a great job and off to a great start.”

Myhre is implementing some new systems, including business advertising on school athletic programs.

Minneota Supt. Dan Deitte

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