City continues to seek rehab funds

The Minneota City Council Monday held a public hearing regarding the Small Cities Development program grant. There was no public input.

Building Inspector Dan Popowski of Development Services, Inc. of Ivanhoe told the board, “One challenge right now is contractors are so busy.” But he indicated the grant process is continuing.

The grant is a federally-funded program administered through Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

The purpose of the grant is to preserve and improve homes and commercial buildings in the community.

The intent is to help communities provide safe, energy-efficient housing for years to come and to improve overall building conditions. Individuals obtain the loan, pay it back at a low rate and rehab their home and business while keeping the funds moving in the community. Housing rehab is based on household size and income.

An income-eligible homeowner can expect to be responsible for at least 10 percent of eligible project costs. A commercial building owner can expect to be responsible for at least 30 percent of the project costs upfront and 35 percent of project costs as payments to the city with a 10-year amortization.

The funding can be used on insulation, siding, plumbing, wood-framed wood doors or widows; shingles, furnace, electrical and controls for lead paint hazards.

The program is also intended to benefit the community by strengthening the overall housing and commercial buildings; strengthen the city tax ace and improve the visual appearances in the community. The city council will continue to move ahead with the attempt to secure the grant to help improve the community.


The Minneota City council Monday said the $19,000 donation to the City of Minneota to cover the cost of installing new lighting at K. P. Kompelien field was, “Amazing.”

They accepted the donation from Darren Gislason by indicating this was an outstanding gift to the city. Gislason also donated about the same amount to the Minneota School Board to pay their half of the lighting renovation at the baseball and football field.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved an application for 3.2 percent malt liquor license to St. Edward Church; gambling permit for the Boxelder Bug Day Committee and a gambling permit for St. Edward Church.

•Approved zoning permits to:

—Dean Gorecki for a driveway and parking lot improvements at 312 N. Jefferson;

—Jordan Kimpe for a 12’x20’ garage moved into the backyard on concrete at 114 East Lyon Street;

—Shane and Dana Rieder for a concrete patio behind their garage at 407 N. Jefferson Street;

—Cindy Sershen for a utility shed at 303 N. Jackson.

•Accepted a donation from Shaokatan Sportsmen Club for $535 to be used for swimming pool operation expense.

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