Joel Skillings (center) was recognized by the Wrestling Boosters on Tuesday night for his years of service and dedication to the program.

Business as usual for school board

Many times when looking at a school board meeting agenda it might seem that the meeting will last forever.

That was definitely not the case at the January 21, school board meeting. It was a short agenda with items that could be taken care of with little discussion. The January school board meeting was “business as usual.” Positive comments by the board members included: Myhre acknowledging the Knowledge Bowl team.

She also wants the students to know that she is proud of the way they conduct themselves at games/matches. Thostenson complimented students involved in the Geography and Spelling Bee. Van Keulen thanked the custodial staff for keeping the sidewalks clear and ice-free this winter.

Les Engler reported that the floors were given a thorough cleaning over Christmas break, moving snow has been keeping everyone busy, all the lockers have now been replaced, and the roofs are being watched for signs of leaking among other things.

The Superintendent’s Financial Report was similar to last month. Everything looks good. The enrollment is staying stable which is great news.

The Student Activities are in full swing and financially all the activities are doing well. Though it’s hard to believe, Principal Frie reported that we are 1/3 of the way done with 3rd quarter.

Grade reports are due which helps our students continue to be academically successful. The high school is beginning to prepare for next year with discussions on course offerings and thinking about registration for 2020-2021.

SnowBall 2020 will be held February 10-15 and there will be a new, improved camera in the gym so all events may be streamed. Superintendent Deitte has been kept busy watching weather reports. It is always better to err on the side of caution when closing school for the safety of the students. The building has been inspected by the insurance company – a new value will be assigned to the updated building.

Thank you goes out to Emily Coequyt for teaching the First Responder course; it has been a great asset. Mr. Deitte also gave a big thank you to Byron Higgin for all of the positive support he and the Mascot have given the school over the past 10 years.

Members that attended the Minnesota School Board Association meeting shared some of what they learned at their annual meeting. New business at this meeting consisted of approving a medical leave for Ruth Bot and Joel Skillings’ retirement.

Many thanks to Joel for his years of service to Minneota Public School as a teacher and as a coach.

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