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Board tables project bids

Tuesday was supposed to be the day the Minneota School Board accepted bids for the new $5.25 million remodeling project.

But it didn’t happen and the board “tabled” all bids until they can review one of the bids with the bidder. “The mechanical bid seemed as though the bidder, Chappell Control of Willmar, didn’t quite understand the addendum.

“We will meet with them to go over their bid,” said Superintendent Dan Deitte. Until the mechanical bids satisfies the Minneota School Board, they “tabled” all bids. “In seven to 14 days we’ll have a special meeting and go forward,” the superintendent added.

“Before we can accept anything, we want to meet with Chappell about the mechanical bid,” the superintendent added.

“We got bids in every area. We just want to make sure everything matches the scope of work we intended,” Supt. Deitte added.

Bidders for General Contractor included Sussner Construction of Marshall and Kranz of Milan. The only window bid came from Midwest Glass of Brookings. At this time, Supt. Deitte said it can’t be determined if the bids will come at, over or under budget.

Once the bid from Chappell Control is determined, that information may be available. No big changes in budget Superintendent Deitte told the board Tuesday night there have been no big changes in the 2017-2018 budget.

“Essentially it’s the same,” he told the Mascot. The biggest change in the General Fund Balance is that there was more unexpected revenue than there was expenses. While the school expected $6,000 in changes from unreserved/assigned funds, they actually got $23,817.

“That’s a gain and a little up from our projections,” said the superintendent. The 5.25 million dollar bond issue funds have arrived, creating the only real difference in the 2018 revenue funds.

While the district has spent some of that money preparing for the building project, most of the funds are still reflected in the budget. Revenue changes in the budget came to $106,598 while changes in expenditures totaled $102,542.

“So everything is pretty much a wash,” said the superintendent.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved spring coaches: Keven Larson, baseball; Heidi Boerboom, softball; Heather Anderson, assistant softball; Kelsea Anderson, junior high softball.

•Approved the resignation of Mary Noyes as a Language Arts Teacher. This is effective at the end of the school year. •Approved Brandi Stefansen as a para-professional, effective Feb. 5.

•Approved Kelsea Anderson as a full-time Language Arts Teacher for the 2018-2019 school year.

•Approved Shelby Summer as a long-term substitute for Amber Rodas, who will on leave for the birth of her second child.

•Noted enrollment remains steady at 526. •Adopted a policy regarding visitors to school buildings and site. The purpose of this policy is to inform the school community and the general public of the position of the school board on visitors to school buildings and other school property.

The school board reaffirms its position on the importance of maintaining a school environment that is safe for students and employees and free of activity that may be disruptive to the student learning process or employee working environment.

The policy encourages visitors but laid out guidelines for entrance to the school.

•Heard Supt. Deitte talk about the continued plans the school has to combat potential “violence” in the school. (See Deitte’s remarks in story on school shooting in this issue).

•Noted that former Business Manager Tegan Gillund is continuing to provide training for new Business Manager Tara Skorczewski, who was hired last month to fill the position.

•Approved a five percent increase for pre-school fees.

•Approved the revised faculty handbook that includes a policy intended to control the use of “keys” handed out for access to the facility.

“We want to make sure those who get the keys understand they have a responsibility not to hand them down to kids,” said Supt. Deitte.

•Voted to send a memo to the state and federal education offices supporting “fully-funded” special education services.

Minneota Supt. Dan Deitte

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