Alleviating the county’s parking dilemma

An initial solution to help alleviate the parking problem at the Lyon County Government center in Marshall has been secured. To add parking space, County Administrator Loren Stomberg said, “We’ve negotiated to purchase the Coleman electrical building near the government center.”

He said, “The closing is March 15. There is a renter but he’s going to vacate the property. We will start moving items and will raze or move the building to add to our parking lot,” the administrator said.

The government center’s parking areas have been limited, creating problems for both the staff and the public. Stomberg didn’t indicate how many spaces would be added by this purchase.

Tax abatement

Administrator Stomberg also said officials from the Marshall Chamber of Commerce Development Committee have asked about a possible tax abatement program.

“I’d be happy to look at that,” Administrator Stomberg said. “I think it’s a great way to help,” said Commissioner Charlie Sanow.

“It’s something good to do,” he added. The tax abatement program is designed to help stimulate housing construction in Marshall and other areas.

Administrator Stomberg indicated he will work with the assessor and auditor and come up with a draft of a tax abatement program.

IN OTHER action the board: •Approved United Community Action Partnership of Marshall, and nine other locations, to provide public transportation services for Lyon County.

The agreement designates administration and operation of the Community Transit services within the county.

•Appointed Commissioner Gary Crowley to represent Lyon County on the Judicial Ditch 10 Joint Board with Yellow Medicine and Redwood Counties.

“There is water from Redwood County also draining into the JD 10 system. Redwood County was not a part of the group before,” said county Ditch Supervisor Todd Hammer.

JD Ditch 10 is in Lucas and Posen Township. The group will meet March 10 to order a “Redetermination of Benefits.”

No increase has been done since December of 2011.

A hearing date to give the public a chance to review the proposal will be held April 10.

•Heard Commissioner Rick Anderson suggest a maintenance crew restore the base material and drainage improvements to the main playground at Garvin Park. He suggested adding new wood chips to the current base, rather than re-do the entire base of the playground.

“The playground is a signature feature of Garvin Park and restoration of the base material is necessary to address maintenance and restore desired fall protection,” said Public Works Director Roger Schroeder.

He estimated the cost to restore it would be $10,000. However, volunteer help could get the job done less expensively. Schroeder will get financial numbers to present to the board.

•Approved Kevin Groenwald to fill the Landfill Operator position at the Lyon County Landfill.

•Noted a county personnel committee met to discuss the position of Environmental Specialist Education Coordinator.

The committee voted to advertise to fill the position. The purpose of the position is to maintain necessary records, statistical data and other information regarding the county’s landfill, recycling and household hazardous waste departments.

Loren Stomberg

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