Elementary Valor Students are:  (Front row, left to right) Piper Shoultz, Tate Koons and Aubree Timm. Back: Hunter Danielson, Carter Anderson, Clare Swedzinski, Owen Myrvik and James Harms.

Viking Valor April Elementary

Elementary School

Pre-Kindergarten: Tate Koons

Tate comes into school each day and says, “Good morning” to his friends and teachers. He greets and says “hi” to the custodians, lunch workers and anyone else he sees in school. He uses his manners and is a very caring and friendly person. He’s responsible and hardworking when it comes to his job for the day or getting his work completed. You always see him helping by holding the door open, washing the tables or watering the plants. He is eager to learn and always wants to know more. He might become an inventor someday because he likes knowing how things work or operate. We are so excited for you, Tate Koons! Keep up the great work!

Kindergarten: Piper Shoultz

Piper always has a ready to learn attitude when she enters the building everyday. In the classroom, she is ready to work and brings her joy of life to each task. She keeps on going and trying when things are hard the first time. Because of this persevering approach, Piper has accomplished great growth this year! We are very proud of Piper Shoultz and congratulate her on being the Viking Valor Student of the Month!

First Grade: Aubree Timm

Aubree not only works hard to be the best student she can be, but also tries to be a friend to everyone in the classroom. She treats everyone around her with respect, is kind and always has a warm smile and hug for the people she sees. She meets high expectations by working hard every day to make sure she is doing her best work, and we have Aubree student really grow since the beginning of the year. She does many things around school and the classroom without being asked — and just knows it's the right thing to do. Keep up the good work and congratulations to Aubree Timm.

Second Grade: James Harms

This second grader has a quiet presence but a mighty spirit. Give James a science topic and he will unleash all the excitement you need for learning. He’s very kind and respectful to those round him … all the time, not just when adults are noticing. Showing Viking Valor in the lunchroom and hallway are daily happenings. His easy-going manner makes everyone feel welcomed around him. Each morning he enters the classroom with a smile, eager for the day’s activities. The second grade teachers would like to congratulate our April Student of the Month James Harms.

Third Grade: Owen Myrvik

Owen demonstrates high expectations in everything he does. He goes above and beyond by choosing to stay inside to work ahead on his AR goals as well as trying his very best in class work. Owen demonstrates respect for his peers by always being ready for class and helping others who are having trouble with class work. We truly appreciate his hard work each day and his bright and positive attitude. Way to go, Owen Myrvik!

Fourth Grade: Clare Swedzinzki

Clare is a hard worker. She gets her work done and is very conscientious about getting it done correctly by asking questions. She participates in class and is a leader to her peers. Clare volunteers to help others in the class when she gets done with her own work. This fourth grader is confident and has a positive attitude. Keep up the great work, Clare Swedzinski!

Fifth Grade: Hunter Danielson

Hunter has grown into one of the most studious kids we teach! We have seen him strive to achieve goals with a drive that is unmatched. He uses his time SO wisely and is working on academics with every free moment. And Hunter goes above and beyond by working to get homework done days before it’s due. We are so proud of the drive and motivation we see in you, HUNTER DANIELSON!!!

Sixth Grade: Carter Anderson

Carter is always respectful to his classmates and teachers. He’s always on task and focused in class, and using his time wisely. He has really come out of his shell this school year and has started advocating for himself more. It never fails for him to have a smile on his face and greets us each day. Carter is always thinking about others and wanting what is best for everyone involved. We would like to pick Carter Anderson as our April Viking Valor Student of the Month!

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