Students at St. Edward School helped husk sweet corn as a teaching tool that engages students while building connections to agricultural heritage and rural communities.   This is all part of the Farm to School program. Doing the honors were Charlie Myhre and Kaitlyn Gorecki.

St. Edward School Happenings

Mrs. Mary Ann Horner

This week all of the language arts classes have begun reviewing grammar. We have been focusing on subjects, predicates, simple sentences and compound sentences. This is always a good review to start off the year. It gets the students ready for their next topics.

Ms. Claren Novotny

The eighth grade learned about the history of chocolate in association with the Maya and Aztec civilizations. In math, they learned about pi and how Archimedes approximated it.


  • Sept. 21 - Marathon Pep Fest
  • Sept. 24 - Oct. 12 NWEA testing
  • Sept. 25 - Library Guardian Angel Lunch
  • Sept. 26 - “See you at the pole” School Mass Grs. 3 & 4
  • Sept. 27 - Birthday Lunch Oct. 5 - Marathon

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