They are Tanner Thooft (center) and Josh Bot (center). Nathan Hansen (left) comes from the Darwin area.

St. Edward School Happenings

Each year, the first year Theology seminarians visit all of the Catholic schools in the Diocese. St. Edward School kids love the time they get to spend with these young men. The seminarians get a feel for the beauty of Catholic education.

This year, two of the seminarians are St. Edward School alumni. They are Tanner Thooft and Josh Bot. Nathan Hansen comes from the Darwin area.

Music – Mrs. Kathleen Rybinski

We are working on some dances this month – Last week we did the chicken dance. This week we are working on the Macarena. We are also getting ready for the Catholic Schools Week mass and anxious to share our music with our church family. 7/8th are practicing guitar again and doing very well with notes on the 1st three strings. They will also start a unit on Music History for the 3rd Quarter. 2-6th grades will be learning to play boom whackers, and see if we can learn to play the Star Wars theme. 3rd Quarter we will be learning about notes with other instruments– tone bells, xylophones, keyboards- as well as rhythm with drums, tambourines, etc. Kindergarten and First grade are learning long and short notes, singing, “Rain, Rain Go Away,” and “We are Dancing” (or the “Wolf Game” as they call it). 3rd Quarter will spend more time on rhythm and rhythm instruments also.

Phy Ed – Mrs. Emily Hennen

Students in grades K-8 have been practicing their hockey skills during their PE. They are able to identify the parts of a hockey stick as well as a puck. They also have been learning how to dribble, pass and shoot the puck. This past week students put their skills together to play various hockey lead-up games such as Face-off.

Library – Mrs. Jan Bot

It’s good to be back in the library with the students! The students have asked me to do another “seek and find” like Jingle’s, our library elf. They said they really enjoyed that! Many students are making final choices for reaching their AR goals for this quarter. Some students are very eager to share “must read” titles which is always so exciting to see and hear. Our first book for storytime was “How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans,” by Minnesota author David LaRochelle. In the book, the green beans Martha dislikes come to life and capture her parents. She saves her parents by eating the green beans. On the last page in the book, there is another healthy green that is coming to life. I asked the children to predict whether the author would write other similar books only using this healthy green pictured on the last page. The unanimous answer was “yes!” We decided to write to the author to see what he says. This week they will hear the author’s email response! The storytime children were very impressed that Mrs. Bot’s book by David LaRochelle was signed by him! It was a good discussion about how authors are real people! February is “I Love To Read” month. Enjoy these days of cold weather by picking up a good book and read together as a family!

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 24 - Birthday lunch & Report Cards go home with students

Jan. 25 - AR Prizes

Jan. 27 - Feb. 2 - Catholic Schools Week

Jan. 28 - Schoenstatt Girls Group

Jan. 29 - Catholic United Raffle ticket turn in

Jan. 30 - Mass-Gr 5 & 6

Feb. 1 - Mardi Gras

Feb. 2 - Magical Night Out (formally the Flurry of Fun)

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