St. Edward School Happenings

Library-Mrs. Jan Bot

The K-2 students FINALLY finished reading our picture book nominees for the “Star of the North” award. The winner in our school was “Night Gardener” by Terry Fan. In second place was “Hippos are Huge!” by Jonathan London. There was a four-way tie for third place! We are anxious to see which book will be the winner in Minnesota. Mrs. Bot has new books on order that should be ready for the next school year. Thanks to the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh-grade students for filling out surveys about what they would like to see in the library. Hopefully, they will see some of their requests in the new school year. Students are trying to finish up their AR points for the year. It’s hard to believe but there are only two more weeks of checking books out for this school year! “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” ~Mark Twain

Art/Music-Mrs. Lois Spanton

Music: We all have a lot more work to do before our Spring Concert on May 9. We’ve been working hard on learning the melodies and memorizing the words to our songs. Next will come adding a few actions and practicing while standing on the risers. I never really choose a theme for the spring concert, but this year’s program will feature several “silly” songs! Our All-School Finale will be “You Are Loved,” our theme song for this school year.

Art: All of the students are working on special projects that will hang in the gym during the week of the Spring Concert. Grades Kindergarten to first grade are working on a Bee Painting. Grades two and three are working on a painting that uses liquid watercolors and acrylic paints! Grades five and six are working on a Mandela Project that involves symmetry and oil pastels, while the seventh graders are creating a project that utilizes chalk pastels. Hopefully, we have time to finish these before the concert!

P.E.-Mrs. Emily Hennen

K-8th grade students have started their Spring fitness testing. Students’ fitness skills are tested using the Fitnessgram. Thus far, students have completed the PACER test which measures the student’s cardiovascular endurance. They have also completed the sit-up test which measures their muscular endurance specifically in their core. The other tests the students will be participating in will be push-up test, pull-up test, trunk lift, sit-n-reach, and mile run.


April 24 - Welcome back Seniors Day

April 25 - Mass Grade 5

April 26 - State of the School Address Birthday Lunch

April 27 - State of the School Address Prime Time Family Movie Night

May 2 - No School Mass (Living Rosary) Mrs. Spanton’s piano recitals

May 3 - Field trip Grades 3,4,5

May 4 - May Crowning (Bishop LeVoir will join us) for 10:30 Mass

May 8 - Field trip Grades 7 & 8

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