Republicans deliver investments in rural Minnesota with bonding bill

Senate Republicans passed a government financing bill that included bonding, tax, and budget provisions for the entire state. The bill bonds for $1.87 billion in projects across the state including $700 million for transportation, $300 million for sewer and water projects, and $160 million for housing. The bill also includes long awaited Section 179 tax relief for farmers and small businesses.
"The best part of the bonding bill this year are the sections pertaining to transportation, dollars for sewer and water upgrades in our cities and small communities, and Section 179 tax relief," said Senator Gary Dahms (R-Redwood Falls). "We now have significant investments into Greater Minnesota for economic development, job, sewer and water repairs, and more.”
"During this difficult time, it was important to me that rural communities like mine were not left behind."
A top priority of Senate Republicans was Chapter 179 federal tax conformity for farmers and main street businesses. This change allows farmers and other small business owners to deduct depreciation on large equipment purchases on their taxes which will stimulate the economy with investments in their operations. Those who benefit from Chapter 179 are the backbone of rural Minnesota, and tax relief sent in their direction will aid the state for years to come.
In the supplemental budget portion of the bill, public safety is prioritized. The bill does not provide funds to rebuild Minneapolis businesses that were damaged during this summer's riots. Instead, it reimburses law enforcement agencies for their work quelling the riots. It also includes a pay raise for state troopers.

Sen. Gary Dahms

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