New U.S. Bike Route 20 connects St. Cloud to Moorhead

Public invited to vote on route name options

A new 188-mile bike route connecting St. Cloud to Moorhead is the third such amenity in the state, giving people in Minnesota more opportunities to take a trip by pedal power.
U.S. Bicycle Route 20, the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s newest bike route, connects Moorhead, west central and central Minnesota to St. Cloud and the Mississippi River Trail (U.S. Bicycle Route 45). Traveling through scenic Minnesota prairies and past dozens of the state’s 10,000 lakes, the route invites travelers to visit a series of small and historic towns parallel to Interstate 94. It takes advantage of several state and regional trails, with more than two-thirds of the route on off-road trails.
"MnDOT is excited to give people another way to see our beautiful state,” said Nancy Daubenberger, MnDOT commissioner. “Working with local and regional partners to develop projects like Route 20 is one of the goals of our Statewide Bicycle Plan, which aims to make bicycling safe, comfortable and convenient for all users. We hope that Route 20 provides a new option for current cyclists and inspires others to see some of the great rides that Minnesota has to offer."
It has a route – but now it needs a name.
Members of the public are invited to vote for one of these options at
• Glacial Lakes Bicycle Route
• Prairie Lakes Bicycle Route
• MiddleSota Bicycle Route
• Rivers to Prairies Bicycle Route
• Towns and Fields Bicycle Route
These names, which highlight geographic features along the bike route, were suggested by participants attending a MnDOT event last year.
Voting closes July 12, with the winning name to be announced later this summer.
The U.S. Bicycle Route System is a network of numbered cross-country routes. Currently there are more than 18,000 miles of U.S. Bicycle Routes in 31 states.
U.S. Bicycle Routes combine existing roads and shared-use paths to create routes that connect some of Minnesota’s most beloved places. MnDOT aims for these routes to be easy to follow, scenic in nature, and on the safest available existing roads and paths. MnDOT's first choice is to locate routes on paths separate from car and truck traffic. If not available, road facilities with bicycle lanes or wide shoulders are preferred.
Learn more about U.S. Bike Route 20 and other Minnesota bike routes at

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