Left to right: Relief President Doug DeSmet, scholarship winners Katie Konold, Ali DeVlaeminck, Avery DeVlaeminck, Logan Sussner, and Relief Vice President Shane Rieder.Left to right: Rick Konold (Honorary Retired), Katie Konold, Tim DeVlaeminck (Honorary Retired),  Ali DeVlaeminck, Doug DeVlaeminck (Honorary Retired), Jeff Sussner (Active Member – Chief), Logan Sussner.

Minneota Fire Relief Association scholarship recipients announced

The Minneota Fire Relief Association developed a first-year scholarship program with four Minneota students each recently receiving a $250 scholarship.
The program was designed to give back specifically to the families of Active, Honorary Retired or Honorary Deceased members of the Fire Department.
Any 2020 high school graduate that is the son, daughter or legal dependent of an Active, Honorary Retired, or Honorary Deceased member of the Minneota Fire Department would receive a scholarship for post-secondary education.
Over the years, the Relief Association has accepted memorials from families to supplement the departments initiatives.
The leadership group developed a scholarship application that would not only honor the former firemen but give back to the community and families that the department serves.

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