Elementary Viking Valor Students are: (Front row, left to right): Taryn Myrvik, Nevyn Genzler, Mason Javers and Jade Abraham. Back: Tate Peterson, Nathan Genzler and Susy Sazo.

May Elementary Viking Valor Students


Kindergarten: Jade Abraham All of the kids in our classes have shown tremendous growth this past year. Jade has matured and grown the most. She has always been friendly and kind to others and takes so much time on all her work and takes great pride in her talents with art. She has learned to take mistakes and setbacks with ease so she can move on and keep trying. She always perseveres with a beautiful smile on her face. Jade is great at sharing and including others in play. We are so proud of her and wish her the best of luck moving onto first grade. Keep believing in yourself! Congratulations - Jade Abraham!

First Grade: Taryn Myrvik She shows Viking Valor each and every day. If you were to walk into our classroom, chances are you would see Taryn working hard on her assignment, helping another student, keeping the classroom clean, or helping the teacher. She is a kind friend to everyone and has continued push the bar farther and farther for herself in the classroom — whether it was reading harder books and starting on AR or working to get all math problems correct. Taryn is a leader in the classroom and always comes to school ready to learn. Keep up the good work and congratulations, Taryn Myrvik!

Second Grade: Nevyn Genzler Nevyn has a wonderful sense of humor and a 1,000 kilowatt smile. His calm, quiet leadership is something that helps those around him stay focused as well. He gets right to work as he walks in the door. Nevyn shows respect to others in the classroom and school and is always kind to everyone. He challenges himself by reading chapter books and by meeting their AR goal every quarter. Way to go, Nevyn Genzler!

Third Grade: Mason Javers Mason has really shown more and more of the qualities of Viking Valor. He has been showing respect by making sure to listen to the teacher and do what is asked of him right away. Mason has been meeting high expectations by working hard to meet his AR goal and working really hard during class time to make himself ready for challenging content. Finally, he has been showing honor by making better choices in the classroom and doing what he has been told to do right away. Thanks for really making the last month of school a positive one, Mason Javers!

Fourth Grade: Susy Sazo Susy was new to the district this year. Susy shows Viking Valor because she has worked so hard both in and out of school day in and day out. During the MCA testing season, Susy was the last person to finish for both the reading and the math test because she was trying her very hardest and at the end of the day that’s all we really ask of everyone. She is also very well behaved in the classroom and is extremely kind to all of their classmates and worked hard to meet her AR goal the third and fourth quarter. She also attended the after school program regularly to get extra help on the tough assignments. She is the very sweet Susy Sazo!

Fifth Grade: Nathan Genzler Nathan has taken quite a few strides forward this year. He consistently has gotten better at getting his assignments turned in, been more focused during work time, and has an improved attitude about school. He is willing to work with other peers and is even choosing to read aloud in class. He has shown great improvement in all areas related to school, and even started using our special classroom word, PLEASE. Congratulations to Nathan Genzler on being chosen as the Fifth Grade May student of the month!

Sixth Grade: Tate Peterson Tate has continuously shown Viking Valor all school year long. He has strived to do his best each and every day. And he’s always willing to step up and help other students if they are not understanding something. He is a leader in and out of the classroom. We are very proud of the young man he has become over the last year. Congratulations Tate Peterson!

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