Elementary Viking Valor winners: (Front row, left to right) Harmon VanKeulen, Aaliya Morgane, Brek Fier and Max Buysse. Back: Kiersyn Hulzebos, Carson Becker, Jenny Ochoa, and Abigail Clark.

March Elementary Viking Valor

 Pre-Kindergarten: Max Buysse

Max has been showing Viking Valor in all areas of the school! He goes out of his way to pick up garbage in the hallway, makes sure every toy is picked up and put in the right place, and is respectful to adults and peers! He always has a smile on his or her face and is a friend to everyone! Keep up the great work, Max Buysse!

Kindergarten: Aaliyah Morgane

Aaliyah is one of the happiest and friendliest students for the March Viking Valor Student of the month. She is truly “walking sunshine!” She would love to strike up a conversation with anyone who is willing to listen and she’s kind and helpful to classmates and always uses manners and shows respect when interacting with adults. She works hard to listen and learn everything she needs to know to become a first grader. However, if you ask this student about school she would say, “Kindergarten is the BEST GRADE EVER AND THEY ARE NOT LEAVING!” Congratulations to Aaliyah Morgane! Keep being awesome!

First Grade: Harmon VanKeulen

Harmon has continued to grow throughout the year. He is extremely bright, has a great sense of humor, and has become a leader in the classroom each day. Harmon works hard each day to do his best. He shows Viking Valor by helping to keep our school and classroom clean, He’s kind to classmates and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He also tries to help encourage his classmates to try their best and to follow the rules. Keep up the great work! Congratulations to our Viking Valor student of the month, Harmon VanKeulen!

Second Grade: Brek Fier

She comes to school each day with a positive attitude and always comes in ready to work and is motivated to do her best. Brek has worked hard this past quarter to meet her AR goal as well as being a kind friend to her classmates. She has shown Viking valor in that hallway, lunchroom, and in the classroom consistently this month. Congratulations to our March student of the month ... Brek Fier!

Third Grade: Abigail Clark

She comes to school each morning with a huge smile on her face. Abigail is an incredibly sweet and caring person with an extremely positive attitude to boot. She also goes out of her way to be kind to others. The third grade teachers really appreciate how hard she works and how hard she tries on every task. She shows responsibility by getting her work completed and turned in on time. Way to go, Abigail Clark! We are proud of you!

Fourth Grade: Jenny Ochoa

Jenny goes out of her way to tidy up around the classroom every time we switch classes and at the end of the day. She keeps a very neat desk and keeps her materials very organized. And she also works hard and makes every effort to get their work turned in on time which means even attending the after school program to work on homework. We were all very excited when Jenny made her AR goal last quarter too! She is super kind, super nice, and super cool! Keep up the awesome job, Jenny Ochoa!

Fifth Grade: Carson Becker

He works hard in and out of the classroom. He has a lot of lofty goals such as doubling his AR goal, being part of the speech team as a sixth grader, and getting into one of the toughest colleges in the United States, MIT. Carson has a great heart and cares about his classmates and others. He is a great role model for the younger siblings because of his work ethic and drive to be the best he can be and the Fantastic Contraption he designs. Great job and we are glad you are part of our school Carson Becker!

Sixth Grade: Kiersyn Hulzebos

She has done an exceptional job in showing Viking Valor and proving she deserves to be Student of the Month. Kiersyn takes pride in her school work and the grades she gets. She is very focused and driven in everything she does and holds herself to very high expectations. She cares about the people around her and has their best interest in mind. We are very excited to announce Kiersyn Hulzebos as our March Student of the Month!

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