Minneota Public School wants to give back to you!

Giving back day

The high school students have started a new program this year. It is called Home Team.

Every team has selected a name and are working on various causes to help give back to the people in our school, city, and world. On Tuesday, October 15, the Home Teams will be teaming up with an elementary classroom and would like to do something for the people of Minneota.

For that to happen we need your help!

If you would like to have assistance cleaning out your garden, raking leaves, picking up around the yard, putting up Christmas lights, or anything else that needs doing, let us know.

The students will have teacher chaperones but may need to borrow some tools or have garbage bags supplied. Remember the date is for next Tuesday, October 15, and the plan is to work in the morning.

Please call the school by Friday, October 11, or Monday, October 14.

The number is (872.6175 or 872.6122) and ask for Sharon.

Let’s clean up Minneota with the help of our younger citizens! Minneota Public School wants to give back to you!

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