The royalty at Dakota State are: (left to right) Paulina Zach, Anna Fields, Angela Hupf, Rayanne Liester, Viana Waldner, Bailey Belisario, Joshua Snook, Chase Opsahl, Rajesh Godasu, and Peter Engels.

Engels among royalty at Dakota State

Bailey Belisario and Viana Waldner have been crowned the 2019 Homecoming king and queen at Dakota State University in Madison, SD.

Minneota had a student as part of the royalty. Peter Engels was one of the candidates for king. Belisario is a cyber operations major from Cartersville, Ga.; Waldner is an English education major from Hurley, S.D.

Members of the 2019 Homecoming Court also included: •Anna Fields (computer science and cyber operations major from Jackson, Minn.)

•Peter Engels (network and security administration major from Minneota, Minn.)

•Angela Hupf (math education major from Castlewood, S.D.)

•Rajesh Godasu (Ph.D. student in information systems from Hyderabad, India)

•Rayanne Liester (cyber operations major from Baltic, S.D.)

•Chase Opsahl (cyber operations major from Aberdeen, S.D.)

•Joshua Snook (business management major from Bristol, England)

•Paulina Zach (marketing major from Suwalki, Poland) DSU Homecoming festivities continue this week with student activities and athletic events.

The theme for the 2019 Homecoming is “Our Pride Cannot Be Tamed.”

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