Dahms: 'Let students learn our history'

On Monday, the Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee heard from Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker about he department's new controversial proposed social studies standards. The first draft of the proposed standards eliminates benchmarks for events such as the American Revolution, World War I, World War II, and the Holocaust.
"I find the new social studies standards deeply concerning," said Senator Gary Dahms (R-Redwood Falls). "We must endure some of the most important events in our history are taught in our children's schools. MDE must make sure parents and students have an input in the process of drafting these new standards."
In accordance with state statute, every 10 years the Minnesota Department of Education updates the state's social studies standards. The 38-member Minnesota Social Study Standards Committee released their first draft of their proposed changes late last year. The committee will be working on additional drafts in the coming months.
Senator Dahms has co-authored a bill that would delay the MDE's changes until July of 2022, thereby allowing parents and students more time to review the standards and give their input. The bill passed out of the Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee last Week and is now awaiting a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee.

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