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Keep leaves out of the street

Leaves are falling and that means people will be mowing, raking, and bagging their leaves. It is important to keep in mind that you can not blow your leaves into the street or your neighbor’s yard.
Any leaves that end up in the street must be picked up immediately because they become a hazard for motorcycles and will clog the storm drain.
It is not a crime if the wind blows your neighbor’s leaves into your yard. It is part of living in windy southwest Minnesota.
We have a place to dump your leaves at the upper section of the burning sight. The best access to use is the one north of the school on N. Monroe Street.
If you need help with your leaves I encourage you to ask around as many young people are willing to make a few dollars by raking and bagging your leaves.
I hope this year will be the year that people help each other rather than call me complaining about their neighbor’s leaves.

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