Superintendent's Report

Thank You, Teachers!!

May 4-8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week!! The administration and school board would like to thank all of our teachers in the Minneota School District for their dedication and hard work. Research shows teachers serve in a profession that makes the largest impact on students’ lives and our MPS teachers have always been positive role models both in and out of the classroom. This March, our teachers were given just 10 planning days to prepare for distance learning and they have done a fabulous job continuing the education of our students digitally. If you see a teacher, please tell him/her thank you!

The following list denotes the teachers we would like to honor:

Bree Anderson, Nicole Berning, Heidi Boerboom, Sara Boerboom, LeaAnne Bot, Ruth Bot, Kaley Buysse, Matt Buysse, Sue Buysse, Darren Clausen, Emily Coequyt, Amanda Crowley, Karen Dalager, Nancy Dilley, Kim Gades, Diane Gillingham, Stephanie Guza, Renae Hanson, Scott Hanson, Lisa Hart, Emily Hennen, Chad Johnston, Nicolle Johnston, Korin Koch, Keven Larson, Angela Lauer, David Moriarty, Teresa Myhre, Nancy Nordquist, Mary Noyes, Al Panka, Kristy Peterson, Samantha Pies, Mary Kaye Rabaey, Amber Rodas, Jessica Rosa, Sherri Schultze, Kristy Schumacher, Chris Shuckhart, Joel Skillings, Caitlyn Sonnenburg, Sarah Stassen, Melinda Stiklestad, Hollie Thompson, Cindy Van Keulen, John Voit, Heather Webskowski, and Kent Williams.

~Dan Deitte, Superintendent of Schools

St. Edward School Staff

Jaci Garvey - Principal
Jackie Skillings - Teacher -Grades 1 and 2
Robin Traen - Teacher-Grades 3 and 4
MaryAnn Horner - Teacher- Grades 5 and 6
Claren Novotny - Teacher-Grades 7 and 6
Margrit Rabaey - Teacher-Science/Spanish
Mary Kampa - Kindergarten teacher
Sandra Hohlfeld - Preschool teacher
Kathy Rybinski - Music teacher
Emily Hennen - PE teacher
Nancy Nordquist - Title teacher
Sara Gorecki - School nurse
Cynthia Beisler - School cook
Dan Sik - Custodian
Jan Bot - Librarian
Trudy Banks - Administrative Assistant

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