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Many folks to thank

Many folks to thank
Thank you to our Officers, Deputies, firemen, medical crews, tow drivers, and plow drivers who worked hard helping people during the blizzard.
Many collisions resulted in vehicles being towed and people going by ambulance to the hospital, several agencies came together and worked to do the best job possible under very dangerous conditions. There was a law enforcement vehicle, and a fire truck that was hit while trying to work an accident scene on Hwy 68, and thankfully no one was seriously injured.
The Minneota City Hall was opened to allow stranded drivers to have a safe place to wait out the storm. The Minneota Fire Department provided blankets and cots to give them some comfort during the long night.
Plow trucks started their work late last night and continue to keep the roads passable. We ask that everyone drives with extreme care and attention. The roads are still slippery and may have snow drifted back on them.
In Minneota, we strive to improve people's lives and this blizzard proves that we take that goal very seriously.

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